Tips To Choose An AdSense-Optimized WP Theme and 3 Great Themes To Boost CTR


One of the easiest ways to start making money online is by using AdSense-optimized WordPress themes. If you are aiming at getting decent traffic to all sorts of topics, select a subject with high click value and write original content on it. You must also use the right WordPress theme in order to maximize your ad revenues. Here are few tips to choose the right AdSense WordPress theme in order to increase the click-through rate, and overall revenues. Most of the themes follow some basic principles about AdSense and User Attention Behavior.

Tips To Choose An AdSense-Optimized WP Theme and 3 Great Themes To Boost CTR

Choosing Easy-to-Use Themes

Always, opt for an easy-to-use theme that lets you choose where you want the advertisements to appear on your website. If possible, select a theme that lets you perform split testing on your advertisements. This will help you find out the ad placement that works the best. It is a common belief that the traditional layouts work out well, but it is not the fact. Indeed, different websites will experience different results for different layouts. So, a customizable AdSense WordPress theme is always a better choice. Most of the free themes are not so efficient, so should look at the premium ones that provide really good results.

Don’t Pick Themes without Support

Secondly, ensure that the chosen theme comes with adequate support since the support forum can always help if it is updated on a regular basis. Ensure that the moderator replies in a timely manner, otherwise you’d have no way out in case of a critical bug.

Checking the Bare Essentials in a Theme

Finally, make sure that the theme you choose has some basic essentials. It should be optimized for search engines, widget friendly, quick loading, and compatible with various kinds of browsers.

All these features can make a huge difference to the way in which your website ranks in the search engine results and helps in increasing the CTR rates, thus helping you make more money. Here are the top three AdSense WordPress themes –

The CTR Theme

This is one of the best and highly popular themes for maximizing earnings on AdSense. It works best with informational sites like blogs. The CTR theme can fetch the highest CTRs and has lots of unique features for managing ads. It is fully built to comply with all the policies of Google AdSense. So, you can use this theme without any worries of getting your AdSense account banned.

Niche Website Theme

This is one theme that proves to be ideal for monetizing a niche blog using AdSense. It features ten high converting ad zones and layouts, variation testing and auto ad color blending.

Niche Website theme is mainly developed for niche blogs and small websites. Since niche websites are good for targeted ad serving, this theme is good at increasing CTR and earnings through AdSense.

AdSense-Pro Ultimate Theme

This AdSense WordPress theme is exclusively developed to improve earnings through AdSense. It has been tested on over 100 websites before its launch. The results indicated that this theme can give 7% – 10% CTR, which is kind of great in the ad field. Besides ad customizations, this theme is developed with all the essential premium features.

All the above three themes are better than the traditional themes as they can be split tested with different customizations and layout options. So, go ahead and experiment with these to find the one that best suits the needs of your website.

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