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Spy Tools
Spy tools and gadgets can really help you out when you are on a job. If you are on surveillance job and you need to follow a person quite closely but there is not a lot of other people or cover around a pair of surveillance sunglasses can be of great assistance. They allow you to follow a person from in front of them or from the side. This stops them from thinking that you are following them and so you can stay covert for much longer.  A video camera pen can give you fantastically clear video pictures and the person being filmed will never know that they are being filmed. The pen works and uses real ink so if the person was suspicious it just looks like a pen – the camera is undetectable to the human eye. Body cameras can capture evidence for  divorce among other things by filming using a camera fitted amongst your clothes again the person being filmed will be unaware you are filming them.
Listening Devices
A listening device is a great tool for listening to conversations that you are not meant to be hearing. The device can be fitted into a hidden area in a vehicle or a home so that any noise can be captured by the device and recorded so you can listen to the information at a later date. This device works well for people who are concerned about an elderly relative who is in care and they would like to have an idea of what goes on when the relative is on their own or with their carers. It can also be used to find out what someone is saying on a telephone in a particular room or even on a mobile.

GPS Tracking Device
A GPS tracking device is a state of the art piece of equipment that uses a satellite to locate its position. GPS trackers are used mostly on vehicles before surveillance and during surveillance. The satellite accurately tracks the movement of the device and therefore anything attached to the device. The information is sent to a tracing panel via a webpage on the internet where it can be viewed to locate the device. The tracker can be fitted to a vehicle for up to three weeks or when the battery needs changing.

CCTV Cameras
CCTV systems are used by many companies, organisations and the general public. Private detectives use them mostly to hire out to people but they can also provide and install them. A good system will give you 24 / 7 coverage of the area you wish to make secure. Work places, town centres and even people’s houses all have had CCTV systems installed with great results. The CCTV systems have been successful in tracking down missing persons, have caught thieves in the act at work, caught people drunk in the town centre doing stupid illegal things and most of all have given many people peace of mind regarding their security.

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