Pocket camera from Kodak – Play sport


Pocket camera from Kodak - Play sport

I wish I had a Play sport pocket camera with me if I go on a holiday.


This model is completely waterproof and resistant to shock also. It has a two inches LCD screen and is priced $150.


It can produce 60 frames per second and takes great quality pictures. The unit looks robust and is waterproof. If you learn by experience then you can expect great video quality in this pocket camera.


The images are somewhat distorted when is clearly seen in 1080p. It is difficult to change over between regular and underwater mode. The quality of the video taken by this pocket camera is not up to the mark.


In the series of pocket cameras, this model play sport from Kodak is the latest. The Play sport contains 1080 pixels in it and is weather proof.

Having 1080 pixels in the camera does not essentially mean that you should make use of it. The image produced is not sharp and clear if you adjust it for 1080p. So, my experience with this camera had taught me that I should not take pictures in 1080p. The quality is not good, is unclear and distorted.

It is better if you take pictures with 720 pixels since it would reduce the skew in your picture. This camera contains 100MB memory slot for viewing the stills. The quality of video is good and even more than enough like all other pocket cameras.

Since the camera is equipped with element of fixed focus you cannot take pictures which are very closer to you. You can comfortably take pictures which are 40 inches away.

You can take under water pictures using H 20 mode of this Play sport. This mode adjusts the color automatically for blue shift in order to make things clearer. Hence waterproof is tested with this camera and is quite clear with the results.

Even though Kodak has not advertised this camera as rugged, but it appears quite strong enough in my opinion with a solid look.

It is reasonably simple and more spontaneous in taking pictures. Except for the D pad which is not flexible as I expected all other features are comfortable and easy. It has in-built software for video shooting but it is not advisable to take motion pictures with this camera. The Play sport is flexible and suitable for only right handed persons.

As expected, the sound is not good in this camera. It would be better if it could hold a mike or two as added feature.


Overall, if you feel that I have pinpointed certain defects in this little camera, I want to confirm again that these faults are commonly present in similar priced cameras. For 150 dollars I think Kodak has offered more features like waterproof, handy, containing 720pixels, and 30/60 shooting skill in this device. Hence, I would recommend this handy camera for all.

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