Speakers from Harman/Kardon


Speakers from HarmanKardon

This will be a great choice of speaker with good quality, with home theater system which rocks the environment with its powered woofer system.


It contains a home theater system, woofer of 200watts, four satellite speakers, and a two way center speaker. It also comes with all the table stands, wires, and wall sockets for fitting satellites. It is available for $799.


All the four speakers in the system deliver quality output with great sound. The center speaker (big) is also voice matched with other speakers and completely shielded for protection. The setting up of this speaker system is easy with the available connecting wires.


The brackets meant for wall mounting facility is somewhat awkward. The unit does not contain floor stands and have only brackets for wall mounting. If you wish to stretch the wires you cannot since the assembly has wires of small lengths, and hence sometime it is practically difficult to install the system.


I do not know much about the quality of sound since I am not in the habit of listening to DTS sound music very often. However, on some occasions, I play video games and watch movies which might have installed some basic knowledge of quality sound on me. With that much amount of background I can surely justify in saying that speakers from Harmon/Kardon produces great quality of sound. For proving my intuition I tested the speaker by running a version of Dark Knight Movie and the result was amazing. The tones were clear and flawless and I observed a perfect balance among the four small satellites and one big speaker at the center. The woofer system delivered the exact amount of indented bass tones.

I double confirmed the results by testing another popular game through the speaker system which produced a breath taking sound and in particular the tones delivered when the explosion takes place was just over my head and it was rocking.

When I tried with playing music the speaker did responded well without any distortion in any ranges and the music filled the entire room. Even at the minimum volume level, it produced great sound. But one sad element in this speaker unit is its length of wires of wall mount brackets. The speakers could not be placed at your option because of the trouble involved with the wires in brackets. You can do it successfully only after you spend enough time on it.


The last thing to discuss is about its price. The 20BQ HKTS speaker system is priced 800 dollars and it is a hefty price for a speaker. Otherwise, the quality of the output is awesome, and regardless of the fact you are using the speaker to play games, and listen to your favorite song, or listen to your favorite movie. You can buy this speaker system for $699 also if you go shopping online.

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