How Blogging Can Help You Fight the Battle of the Bulge


Did you know that running a blog can help you shed pounds and tighten up your midsection? Blogging can keep you on purpose. The practice can also help you develop steely discipline as you go about your weight loss campaign. If you are accustomed to blogging daily you learn the value in following a strict schedule, and seeing through a task until you have reached your goals. You can apply this same dogged mindset to your weight loss campaign. By being on purpose, and using the same principles you use to become a successful blogger, you can trim the fat and streamline your physique.

Blogging Helps You Develop Discipline

Running a weight loss themed blog helps you develop super discipline. First off, you will want to post daily to grow your readership and improve your placement in search engines. Apply this same discipline to your diet and exercise regimen to lose weight fast and feel better about your prospects. Writing on a daily basis also makes you hold yourself accountable, a biggie for any person who wants to shed weight. You can check in weekly with your progress updates, let’s say on a Saturday afternoon. Weigh in and share your results with your blogging audience. This practice will keep you on purpose when you feel the urge to stray off course, during moment of strong temptation. You will be far less likely to cheat on your diet when you know that Saturday is the day when you, and your audience, expects to see steady progress from the prior week. Blog daily and share your results weekly to gain inspiration and remain motivated.

Blogging Helps You Become a Weight Loss Expert

Imagine the amount of information you will pick up by being a blogging expert, covering weight loss from many different angles. You will need to remain informed if you plan to churn out helpful weight loss-themed content, so this means you must do plenty of research in order to pump out content at a rapid pace. If you are continually researching weight loss techniques you naturally become an expert in that field, and a well-versed weight loss pro usually can shed weight with real speed.

Keep researching and writing daily. Study cutting edge trends and of course, after you write about these topics you better put the knowledge into practice. This is a quick and easy way to establish your authority, help the people around you and lose weight at the same time.

Blogging Helps You Deal with Negative Feelings Experienced During Weight Loss

As difficult as it might feel to lose weight you can get past these feelings, and running a blog is an excellent way to vent when times are tough. All types of negative emotions arise when you change for the better. This normal ego-based resistance stops many people in their tracks, for they bury their feelings, instead of allowing the energies to rise up, and naturally look for outside sources to alleviate their pain. This almost always means massive binging, and accelerated weight loss.

When you establish an outlet for your feelings you will lose weight more quickly, for you avoid moving into the low energy, destructive acts which sabotage many repressed individuals who intend to lose weight. If you are having a difficult day try to let the feelings go through your blog. Share your struggles with other people, and let your audience know that you appreciate their support. Having a shoulder to sob on when you feel like garbage can be a cathartic experience, and this is something that dieters need from time to time when things get tough.

You will feel overwhelming cravings, issues with feel as though dieting and exercise is not worth it, and all types of ego-induced fears and anxieties as you cut calories, cut out junk food and begin exercising more frequently. Blogging about these emotions and experiences literally gets these thoughts out of your mind, because you cannot get over something that is still in you.

Rant on the odd blog post and after sharing your pain move back to a high energy place. Your being human – and not being afraid to show it – can greatly ease your stress and get you back on the high energy weight loss track.

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