ASUS U30JC-B1 13.3-Inch Gaming Laptop


ASUS U30JC-B1 13.3-Inch gaming Laptop

Desktop computers have been greatly replaced by laptops in the present day. Laptops also known as Notebooks, as we all know have multiple facilities over desktop systems. From the basic point of mobility to power usage, when taken into comparison, each and every user prefers a laptop over a desktop. This mobile computer system is now used by almost every businessman, teachers, students and even children. To cope up with the necessity of the growing demand of notebooks many companies have started producing laptops in large scale.

However, due to the small size of the notebooks, the performance of these machines is not up to the mark as compared to desktops especially when it comes to gaming.

Now, Asus tech has introduced their latest notebook which is a big hit in the market of gaming, the ASUS U30JC-B1 13.3-Inch Laptop. The laptop comes with a Intel Core i3-370 M mobile version processor running at 2.4 GHz, providing a superb power control over multitasking and handling other tough jobs at the same time. It has got an extra ordinary memory module of Optimus technology 4 GB DDR 3 ram with a clock speed of 1066 MHz having 2 slots, 2GB each which is comparatively better than any other laptop of its kind. The gadget boosts the viewer’s opinion with the ground breaking graphic handling feature. The Asus U30JC- B1 is provided with Nvidia G310M graphic engine with a dedicated on-board memory of 512Mb DDR3 VRam which gives optimal graphic experience.

It also comes with a 320 GB hard disk running at 5400 rpm, the laptop has got a 13.5” HD LED display giving bright resolution of (1366×768). With around 32dB, the laptop is consistently audible under normal usage but also very quiet. It has got an 8 cell battery backup and thus provides more usage time.

Specifically the laptop’s boot time has been reduced greatly and this is a great advantage over any other machine. It comes with a bundle of Widows Seven Home (64 bit) premium version and provides user friendly interface. It has also got wireless LAN supporting 802.11 b/g/n, Intel Wifi. The notebook has a 0.3 mega pixel in built webcam for communicating via video conferencing and more.

The Silver finish of the notebook gives it a magnificent look and altogether it is a great deal and worth every penny. The user review is also satisfactory along with the performance and the laptop is really very light in weight, thus making it a big time winner in its category.

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