How to Convert a YouTube Video to Quality MP3 Audio File


It is quite evident that a good number of people are fond of watching videos on You Tube. Unfortunately, most of these videos consist of poor quality audio material for music hence music lovers do not enjoy their collection of favorites.  The following are some illustration of converting videos to goo quality audio files:

While converting MP4 video to MP3video, one is required to sign in and begin carrying out a selection of the favorites. When one finds a desired MP4 that he likes, he only needs to move the cursor in any place within the video while still playing. Right click the cursor and various options will be displayed including ‘Download this video’. After which one clicks one the option. This will enable direct downloading immediately.  The processes may take a little bit long depending on the speed of the computer or any device being used as well as the size of the music. Incase one has other tasks to perform apart from downloading there is always an option of minimizing the screen and continue with other activities.

The conversion of the downloaded clip

How to Convert a YouTube Video to Quality MP3 Audio FileAfter the process of downloading is complete, the RealPlayer as well as the recoding manager seeks ones opinion on whether the file should be played or if the box should be closed. Incase one is not ready to convert the file immediate, the box closed and the downloaded file is stored in a safer place. For instance the file downloaded id automatically stored on the RealPlayer Downloads records.  Nonetheless, when one is interested in completing the conversion with immediate effect, it is advisable to click on play option.

How to convert

RealPlayer is opened, and one starts for looking for the new file in the media records thus clicking on the file right away in order for it to play.  When the file is playing, RealPlayer as well as the file to be converted detect any click and reacts to it. One is required to watch the entire file while noting any thing new about the file. If the quality is superb and download was completed successfully, the next step is considered. The following step; the video is selected from the records list as well as right clicking on it. In the menu, there are various options hence one is required to click on ‘convert media format’.  In return, the media format is able to inform one about all the information regarding the clip on the right or the left with an equivalent box that requires one to fill them. It is compulsory that one selects a name, the format as well as the liked audio quality prior to clicking “OK”

A fresh audio file is found in ones records, together with the video file, which is signified by the assistance of a musical icon. Incase one desire to keep the video file, he can go ahead and do it, but if one chooses to delete the file, it should be done along with the file on the hard drive.

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