The 7H Gaming Headset by SteelSeries


The 7H Gaming Headset by SteelSeries

Small Review:

I had to put this up with the rest of the competition and it didn’t fare as well as I thought when pushed to its price limit. I think you’re better off with something else. SteelSeries is much better at making things like mouses and boards that headsets and this is just another reason why.

The Add-Ons:

  • Has 55 millimeter drivers
  • You have a choice of either having cloth or even leather ear cuffs
  • Can be transported
  • Mic goes in and out automatically
  • Retailed at $130 USD

The Upside:

  • Has good quality audio
  • Transportable
  • Nice 1/8’ quality jacks

The Downside:

  • Wouldn’t pay as much as they want for their quality
  • Wished I could fit the headset to my personal a little better
  • The chord is too small

The Main Squeeze:

I haven’t had much luck with SteelSeries. It seems like everything else they make is a great quality, it comes to headphones they just feel like pieces of plastic ready to break in your hands. I keep hoping for something different, but just got the same lack of quality in these as well. These are bit better than the rest of the ones I’ve had the misfortune of reviewing, but I have to say, I don’t relay think I would be forking up the $130 bucks they are demanding for these things.

I have their mouse and their keyboard and have never really had any complaints about them. So why can’t they just follow the lead of the other products, I may never know.

I wasn’t super fond of the aesthetic of these gaming headphones, but I could maybe think there are few people out there that would be attracted to them. One thing in their defense was the way they could be broken down and easily transported. They were also super easy on the weight so I was nice and easy to haul them and you may have never even known they were with you.

One thing I could describe these as were uncomfortable. They may have been clenching with too much effort over my ears and didn’t feel natural at all. Depending on what I was doing I could choose either the leather or the cloth (Cloth was my usual preference). The sound quality was good as well because of the clenching effect. I can’t really say anything god about the improper and unnatural feel the band had against my head, though.

Usually when a product like this one has something like a mic that goes back and forth I would expect it to work fine on its own, but it needs some assistance from me before being properly sent back to its home hole.

When thinking of a good gaming headset, I more than ever would want one that could offer me enough chord. Unfortunately, this didn’t come close to what I would expect from a gaming headset. Even though it does have a not even close to being adequate extension, it still didn’t meet my standards at ten feet. What came as a nice surprise was the actual quality of the chord itself. It was nice and easily handled. I wish they could have just made it bigger. I liked the jacks as well because they were very heavy duty for those of us who plug and unplug on a constant basis.

The way you control volume and such is through a little area in the chord. It still didn’t offer me as much as I would have like for a control. A lot of other designs thoughtfully incorporate a hooking apparatus for your clothing, which was unmistakably missing from this package as well.

Taking all the other past models that SteelSeries has come out with, I found this one to be not even close to being as well made as them. Not to mention their other products which I have always found to be pretty well-made. It just ends up giving me the feeling that they went cheap on the whole manufacturing point of these headsets. I can even say that while I was checking these out, they broke on me and now have a really annoying jingle in my ear every time I use them. I would have to say No Kudos on this headsets quality.

What I Conclude

I think that SteelSeries can do much better than this and won’t settle on anything less than perfect from them the next time around. The one good thing that cam e out of these headsets was the sound, the rest of was just cheap junk.

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