Compaq Presario Review


Compaq Presario Review


Compaq Presario is a highly solid system which is sold at quite reasonable prices and for this reason very affordable. It has a great performance and highly productive for many people.


The internals are not easily expandable, does not possess DVI port.

This PC is actually a great one for first time buyers and also for second time buyers for basic purposes such as e mails, web browsing, operating on Microsoft office programs. However tasks such as gaming, editing videos and some others are not quite good with this computer.

The specifications of Compaq Presario are as follows;

It possesses a processor with a speed of 2.3 GHz AMP Sempron and 2GB memory topped up with the hard drive storage of 250 GB. There are optical drives of DVD and RW and a monitor is not included in the pack. The graphics are integrating Nvidia GeForce and the operating system is Windows 7 home premium.

This $310 Compaq Presario of HP is actually one of those standard PCs with a tower PC shape and it is actually is not powered by Intel Atom. Compared with some other reasonably priced computers this one does not perform as well as those which worth around $500. it is assumed that this PC has been put into the market as a solution for those who are not after spending thousands of dollars on PCs.

The exterior of the PC is quite shiny and it has some USB ports on the front and some audio ports too. Those who aim for getting a mainstream 3D gaming PC, this one is not for you since it will not be able to run a 3DMark Vantage test. The graphics are actually suitable for older games but not the most recent high quality ones. though it does not seem quite well at the front panel for those who require quite a lot of ports, actually at the pack there are plenty of them and there are also all the other ports that are necessary. The users of this system are obviously not going to lack from entertainment since there is a collection of games this system comes with and it will be providing a great entertainment for many. There are also no speakers provided with the system however with the audio support 6.1 audio output. With the onboard 60 day trial Microsoft Office will be a good way of observing how it handles productivity software and for those whose primary concern is to surf on web then this PC should be ideal for you.

Though there is not much space inside but there is still some space to get an extra graphics card and improve the performance.

All in all this PC may not be a powerful one however it is still a highly affordable system which provides a great productivity and it is sold at $309.99.

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