Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Tablet


Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Small Review:

Welcome to the newest tabloid for those of you who love Androids and their UI. In a lot of ways, people will more than likely start comparing this to the best tablets out for sale, but in all honesty, it’s nowhere near ready.

The Add On’s:

  • 1024×600  7 inches in length
  • This is a touch screen product
  • An Android running the newest 2.2 version
  • A 1GHz Processor
  • A 512MB RAM
  • 2GB’s  built-in with 16GB of ScanDisk
  • Retailed at $400 USD with a Sprint contract and about $600 USD without a Sprint contract

The Upside:

  • The screen is very clear and easy to read
  • The multi-touch functions seem to work very well on the tablet
  • Can be bought and replaced through all Android development

The Downside:

  • Not big enough for my liking
  • Chunky in the weight area
  • Wish it was quicker

The Main Squeeze:

As we all know, tablets are the next best thing in any physical electronic market and many people have been waiting a long, long time for this version of Samsung’s iPad. Here it lies: the Samsung Galaxy.

Honestly, there were a couple thing that I could have done without; one of them being the weight of the tablet. In being paralleled with the iPad, the iPad is a bit heavier, but you have to understand that the iPad is much bigger and has a much bigger screen as well. Anything that can reach this type of weight should have some kind of big screen or something that gives a little bit more to be desired. Although, this was a nice tablet, it was something I couldn’t really see myself holding in my hands for a very long time.

One of things that helped advertise this product was the fact that Samsung said it could be easily fit into some people pockets, but with some further investigation on my part, I was a hard learner to find that this was only half true. :

That’s not to say that the product isn’t made of good quality. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something that can help you hook up to a bunch of ins and outs; you’re definitely looking at the wrong product. It only enables you one ScanDisk slot and won’t allow you to switch out the battery if you need to do so.

If you are not planning on killing out the battery with and excruciating usage, then you’re looking at a good battery life overall. You could be lasting days just one the one charge

Processing seems to be a problem with a lot of tablets, these days. This one offered me something a little different. But then again, I was using some pretty non-involved applications when checking out its speed…

If you want something that is compatible with videos and pictures that can be obtained from the front and the back, this tablet offers a lot of different helpful image construction for you and also lets you add Skype to the mix.

Another unique thing that I found didn’t work so well in other tablets, was the multi-touch function, which was actually very nice for a change. I didn’t have any unwanted wait times or anything getting in my way.

What’s Not So Great about the Galaxy:

Okay, so we have established that this is a tablet, but just so you are all aware, it’s not a telephone. What I truly don’t understand about this product is how it can perform iPad functions, but not even meet a good enough size in the screen to be considered something I would even use as a tablet. It looks almost like a cell phone, but may have added just a few more inches to the screen to consider it an actual tablet.

It’s used for the simplest of functions and for not much more. If you want to read a book on it watch an occasional flick, this would be for you. You should ask yourself if your current cell phone couldn’t create the same things for you, though. As with most of the Android products, what you see is what you get and they don’t like to go “big”.

This isn’t really a product that I am comfortable bashing because I think that it is also a great product in its own way as well. I can’t expect this one to be better than everything else out there, when everything else out there (as far as iPad-like tablets) has even been put out on the market for me to get a better comparison.

If you want a plan through Sprint for this bad boy, you can get one but you’re going to need to be looking at prices anywhere from about $30 USD to about $60 USD depending on what you want. Until this thing gets an upgrade, you’re also going to need to know that this isn’t a tablet that is going to work for you if you’re going out of the country or over waters.

Specific Kinds of People:

A good thing to know about the Galaxy is that it is for serious users only and shouldn’t be considered if you were considering the iPad at one point in time.

If you have just been waiting in anticipation for something with a little bit more than what the iPad had to offer, this would be a good deal for you. Even as it stands, you more than likely weren’t reading a bunch of reviews if you were planning on buying an iPad, no were you? This is what you get if all the other handheld look stupid. This is a less stupid choice than the other ones.

If you’re in a hurry and Androids are the only thing that you’re even going to consider when all the rest have been put out on the market, then what are you waiting for? Something that might be a little similar to this tablet is the one that T-Mobile will release. This one may be more for you as well, so patience may be the only answer to your question at this point in time.

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