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RECEIPTFor a lot of people, receipts do not mean anything other than frivolous piles of paper that would only end up clogging purses and wallets. But on a business perspective, receipts happen to be essential chunks of information that must be kept for future references and to keep track on recurring and present bills that need be sufficed. In simpler terms, receipts are important for you to be paid and with the right amount. While you can go with the traditional, you can make life much easier by using digital receipt templates. On that note, let us talk about two standard types of receipts that you might find useful or even more so necessary.

Sales Receipts

Going by the name itself, these receipts show the sales that your business has made. It is important to keep tabs on every transaction that has transpired, for the record and for mandate auditing purposes. Sales receipts are among the staples of every retail business, especially in the process of fulfilling the exchange of the products and the amount of money they must be paid for.

Service Receipts

The thing about firms that offer services is that their deals can be pretty flexible and this does a big favor to every client. Let’s say for example you have an automotive body shop. A customer drives in. He comes out explaining the situation of his car and upon your team’s assessment, the vehicle needs to be left for a couple days for the team to have enough time tuning the engine, mending plugs that have gone loose, replacing the rims that are apparently in the onset stage of dysfunctionality; that it would take time because some parts need to be ordered as they are currently unavailable.

Basically, the service receipt comes in to record all the items that were ordered for the repair, the amount of time it took for the tuning and maintenance, and the overall labor fees. This would give a better and more thorough enlightenment to the customer as he returns to pick up the car. The receipt would be the bill and the customer will feel, as much as he is, responsible to pay for the parts and services. Therefore, the service receipt is the finality of every deal, the end to every means in the context of expert or professional

Receipt Templates 

So maybe you’re in the infancy stage of running a business and that all is going well except for some delays with some customer qualms in getting paid. Or maybe you just haven’t been using receipts since and decided that it would make your long-running business secured by the edges. Either way, receipt template make the best solutions. They are customizable as much as they are already set to go. You can simply encode the description of the products and services ordered paired with the prices, followed by the total amount. Business logos can also be incorporated into these digital receipts since. You can choose to send the finished receipts via e-mail, print them for a physical copy to be delivered to your client’s door. Either way, it works.

Want to have more beyond the conventional features for your receipts? Want to get paid via PayPal through the bills? Check out for the best free receipts and templates that you can readily use.

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