Five Easy Tips to Make a Good Video


While Hollywood directors and producers make huge profits from making multi-million dollars movie, why can’t an ordinary person produce a short video and attain some profit from selling it. Well, now you can try this by selling your videos on Uscreen.


Before going to the main point, let’s identify how to make a professional quality video that people would love to buy and to do this, you just need to know total five tips.

  1. First thing, which is the most important part, is to plan what kind of video you want to produce. So if you are going for classic home-video look then a flip camera would suffice. However, to produce a good video you require steady hands of a person behind the camera or you can use a tripod.
  2. Second most important aspect of producing a good quality video is to pay attention to the audio. If you won’t pay attention to the audio then bad audio can ruin a good video. Sounds like wind blowing into the microphone or background noise can easily make the whole video worthless to watch. It would be better to check the sound through a headphone jack on a camera. You have to make sure that the audio is clear for the audience.
  3. While recording a video, lighting is another important aspect and it is as important as sound. Obviously you are not professional and you can’t use lighting to its full use but you have to make sure your subject isn’t backlit or so bright that they are reflecting light back to the camera. As a beginner, you must try to make a video in a room where none of the outside light is coming inside and while recording, the camera isn’t in front of any light.
  4. When you are finished with the recording then you should spend a lot of time on editing the video. Sometimes while recording, you take extra scenes which might not be interesting for your audience. So while editing, you can delete those scenes and make a good video. You must know that the audience won’t watch the whole video if they lose interest in between. To edit the video, try to use best possible video editor you can get. Editing can be frustrating but it’s important that you handle it with patience and wait till you are sure that you given all you got. While editing, you might find new ideas that you could add into your video to make it better but some people ignore these ideas because they are not patient. You have to be patient because this would make you produce a video that everyone would want to watch and buy.

Lastly how to sell your video and make profit. Well, Uscreen provides you with the best solution. While using Uscreen you would find many interesting things, for instance you can price your own video, preview your video before publishing it, you can build up your video menu and even set up chapters like in movies and lasting you can sell the video.

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