Sony KDL50EX645 – Best Large Screen TV On The Market


Sony is one of the top brands in the world of electronics, which is why there are so many Sony computers, TVs, MP3 players, and other home electronics on the market.

This 50 inch TV is one of the best that Sony can offer you, which makes it a great deal for you considering that it will cost you just under $1,000. The $977 TV is nice and large, and it comes with all the features that you could ask for from your TV. If you’re looking for a large TV to use in your living room or entertainment unit, this is the one for you.

sony tv

The TV comes with full HD resolution, as well as the best refresh rate that you could ask for. The slim LED TV will fit just about anywhere, and you’ll find that the sleek black color of the TV will make it a wonderful addition to any room in your house. Its place, however, should be in the place of honor in your entertainment center, as that’s where it will truly be able to shine.

Motionflow Technology

The Motionflow XR 240 Technology used to build this TV will ensure that the graphics on your screen are as lifelike as possible, guaranteeing that watching sports and action movies will be much more enjoyable on this LED TV than on any plasma TV.

Full HD TV

 The resolution of the TV can be set as high as 1920 x 1080 pixels, which means that it will be full HD picture. You will find that your movies and TV shows will be much more enjoyable thanks to this TV, which will provide you with the best picture around.

sony tv

Resolution Enhancing

The TV is built to be as crisp and clear as possible, which is why the Clear Resolution Enhancer is integrated into it. You will find that the images on your screen will be much sharper and clearer than you will expect, and you will find that the contrast and depth of your TV will be much more controlled – guaranteeing that you can enjoy the fine details of the picture.

Content Access

The TV will be connected to the Sony Entertainment Network, which will give you access to all kinds of content for your personal entertainment. You will be able to chat via Skype, get onto your Facebook or Twitter page, go to Yahoo! or Google to do web searches, or check your mail. You will also be able to download content via Hulu or Netflix, which will make enjoying yourself at home a whole lot easier. You will find that the quality of Sony devices is often peerless, though their prices are usually a bit higher than their competitors. Still, if you want the best of the best, it’s a good idea to consider Sony.

sony tv

Edge LED

The Sony Edge line of TVs are about as slim as it gets, which means that you will be able to place the thin TV pretty much anywhere in your home. The LED lighting will give you much more brightness despite their smaller size, and you will have a better picture even though the screen will be slimmer. The LED backlighting will illuminate all the details, making watching your TV a real treat.


The TV is ready to be connected to the internet the moment you pull it out of the box, and it is easy to set up the WiFi connection in order to get started accessing your content. It also comes with an Ethernet connection for a LAN cable, as well as HDMI ports and USB 2.0 ports to make accessing content from your computer and hard drives a whole lot easier.

Theater Quality

The 24p Cinema Technology integrated into the TV will ensure that watching movies on your screen will be like being at the theater, and the TV will maintain the 24 frame per second rate of the average movie in order to give it the appearance of being in a cinema.

The TV is definitely worth every penny, though it will cost a bit more than many of the other models on the market. Still, if you can afford the higher price, the quality is more than worth it!

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