Sony Clie PEG-710C – Second Generation Palm OS Review


Sony Clie PEG-710C – Second Generation Palm OS ReviewThe Sony Clie PEG-710C has been termed Sony’s second generation Palm OS. This much anticipated device appears to be one of the most feature rich Palm OS devices yet to hit the market. Let us take a look at what it is capable of.

The front of the unit is made of brushed shiny silver and dark blue flip cover. There can be no denying that the gadget does indeed look smart. The display is in a word beautiful and really quite amazing for PDA standards. In true Sony fashion, this handy gadget packs quite a punch in terms of great functionality in a small package. With the Sony Clie PEG-710C you get a great design and total practical usage as well.

Battery life of the gadget is approximately 11 hours if you play MP3 with the display turned off. It reduces to 5 hours if the display and the backlight are turned on. Battery life can be extended by making a simply adjustment to the backlight intensity. To charge the phone you can plug it into the hotsync cradle or into the PDA directly. Use the PDA all day long and charge it at night for convenience.

The Sony Clie PEG 710C is apart from being the most expensive Palm OS PDA on the market, rather unique. It has a great 320 x 320 resolution that simply rocks! The 256 color TFT display is great not just indoors but outdoors as well, even in sunlight. Sony has not been known for its fondness of MP3 play capabilities, but this unit does play MP3 audio – Sony is indeed moving with the times. The unit is equipped with cute earphones and a remote control that is wired.

Anyone looking for a really cool handheld with full multimedia capabilities is sure to find the Sony Clie PEG-710C a great buy despite the expensive price tag. The unit weighs a mere 6.4 ounces and is slim and sleek to carry around. The buttons on the PDA may be a bit difficult to use, but you can get used to them soon enough. The up and down scroll button is rather awkward to use, but the hold button conveniently turns off the display to conserve battery life when playing audio files. The power button is clearly marked and easily located on the front.

The Sony Clie PEG-710C features a 33 MHz Dragonball VZ processor; 8MB RAM, 4MB ROM; 8MB memory stick for the inbuilt slot and USB synchronized cradle. The lithium-ion battery is meant to last for 15 days provided you don’t play audio files, which dramatically reduces battery life.

Thanks to the unit’s 320 x 320 resolution and its reflective screen, using it just about anywhere is not a problem.  The screen is illuminated from the bottom and can be used day and night with ease. The unit exudes quality that quickly becomes apparent to the user.

The Sony Clie PEG-710C features a very stylish design, comprehensive applications, MP3 audio capabilities, but to optimize use you need a 64MB memory stick that will cost you. High definition screen, detailed applications and overall excellent functionality characterize this handy PDA.

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