LCD Or LED – Which One's A better TV?


With the amount of options available in the market these days, one often gets confused between LED and LCD while purchasing a new TV. As technology is progressing day by day, there are newer models coming in every month, and general users often cannot understand what benefits these advancements give. In other words, they don’t understand why a certain kind of technology is better than the other one. If only they knew it, they would be able to judge the pros and cons of each, and would be able to find out what’s better and why.

As far as the debate between LCD TV and LED TV is concerned, here’s an attempt to look at both the varieties and understand what’s better.

Lighting and Clarity

The primary, and the most important difference between LCD and LED TVs is the backlighting. Cold-cathode fluorescent lights, more commonly known as CCFL lights, light up LCD TV screens. This technology comes out of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), from the liquid being squeezed between two plates. The color of the liquid changes when current passes through it.

LED television sets on the other hand use LED or Light Emitting Diodes to light the TV screen. These can be either Backlit or Edgelit. Backlit ones are better for increasing contrast levels, as a few LEDs (out of the series put together) behind the screen can be turned off with the function of ‘local dimming’, which enhances the black parts in the picture. Edgelit ones help the TV design and structure to be even thinner, as the LEDs are on the sides of the panel. Some newer models have ‘local dimming’ even on Edgelit LED TVs.

Thus, the picture quality in LED television sets is much better. There is much more clarity, and as many advertisers put it, colors come out sharper and richer.


LED is more compact, as the backlights themselves are thinner. This means that LED television sets are much slimmer than LCD TVs. Considering the fact that people these days like to have stylish interiors and even more stylish gadgets to compliment those interiors, LED TVs are a definite head-turner with their appearance.


LCD TVs are cheaper as compared to LED TVs, and most people on a budget opt for the former. Although this is debatable, many people say that getting the service and repairs too on LCD TVs is much easier, as more people can understand that technology better in comparison to LEDs, where repair options are limited, and service is hard to get.

For a general user, who is not bothered too much about the technology aspect behind making of televisions, LCD is good. Only for those who opt for bigger TVs screens, and are quite sensitive towards picture quality, or need it for a better viewing experience of movies etc. should opt for LED. Even though the difference is obvious to the naked eye, most people don’t mind LCD quality, as it is just a minor step below LEDs.

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