Review of Digital Storm 950Si


Review of Digital Storm 950Si

Pros: Digital Storm 950 Si is a compact and tough gaming PC which provides a good performance, the interiors are just faultless and there is still plenty of space for further expansion.Cons: It is impossible to ignore the loud sound when this system is on, it is highly prices and the pack does not come with a keyboard, mouse or a monitor.

This is a system on which there has been son much work done, it uses high end components and with the overclocked Intel Corei7 CPU which enables a 3D and high quality office performance to the provided. However the only put off is that its fans make quite a lot of irritating sounds.

This PC has a processor speed of 2.66 GHz and it is as stated above an Intel Core i7920 processor. It has a 6GB memory and the hard drive storage capacity is 1.5 Terabyte. Optical drives this system has are BD ROM, DVD and RW. Graphics is Nvidia GEFORCE with a 1.792 MB memory.

The first look at the Digital Storm shows that this system have had so much work and effort on it and it has been configured with high quality and top notch components which have been put place with great care. Unlike many other gamin PCs this system does not actually focus on catchy lighting system but it rather focuses on the performance it provides.

It is sold at $3378 and it actually is a little expensive than similar systems and also you will have to purchase a mouse, keyboard and a monitor.

For those who are not satisfied with the interiors of this system then it is possible to expand it to make up something better and it is highly possible with the large space. It has a 120 mm fan which is visible through the side. The cables are neatly placed and tied together to keep them away from sight and it provides a nicely organized look. Again if you need extra storage you can simply expand it and also it is possible to add some drives too. The EVGA motherboard and the system which possesses 2 PCI EXPRESS Slots make it possible to upgrade the system up to 2 times the SLI configuration.  Since there are a total number of 6 fans available it should not be a problem to keep it cool after the upgrading but you will have to cope with the noise. There is space for almost 6 additional 3.5 inch drives and also if you somehow need to add another fan, there is a space for 120 mm one and also you can add extra storage capacity.

At the back there are 8 USB ports, 1 eSATA, 1 HDMI, S PDIF jacks, 1 FireWire and 2 Ethernet (Gigabit) ports.

Overall this system is a solid one that provides high performance. However since it is priced at $3378 this could be a put off for many who are just after a standard system to provide them with the basic tasks.

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