Review of Cyber Power LAN Party Commander


Review of Cyber power LAN Party Commander

Pros: this system provides extremely fast gaming and computing, the optical drive it possesses is capable of supporting playback of Blue Ray and High Definition DVDs and there is a CMOS reset button.

Cons: when the graphics card is installed it does not provide an easy travel.

The LAN Party Commander is a great system for its value which is averagely sized and it provides mesmerizing gaming experience with its fascinating Corei7 CPU which is overclocked to a speedaverage3 GHz. This one is absolutely perfect for those who are after a powerful PC.

The main specifications of this system which may interest some game PC seekers are as follow;

The processor speed of this system is 3.06 GHz and it is Intel Core i7950.  This system has a 6GB memory and the storage capacity is 1 terabytes from the hard drive. There are BDROM DVD and RW optical drives and one drawback for some might be that there is no monitor included within the package of this system so it would have to be purchased separately. The graphics is a GIGABYTE GEFORCE cart with 1 GB memory and last the operating system, like many other Cyber Power PCs is Windows Vista.

If you are interested in going to LAN gaming parties than you will definitely be in need of a powerful, long lasting and strong system as the Commander.

This PC is priced at $1699 and it is not only good at the price but it has many features which makes better than Cyber Power Gamer Dragon9500.

This system possesses an special water cooler system which enables the temperatures to be controlled and the 120 millimeters fans which are placed in the cooler run so smoothly and silently that you will hardly notice that it is on. While talking about the interiors it is worth to say that the cabling of the Commander is absolutely neat and tidy which should make it easy for further expansion of the system.

If you actually purchase this system you will notice that the graphics card will be separately packed so if you are to move somewhere far, remember to pack it separately so that it would not get damaged.

Though this PC is called as a perfect gaming one, it actually is a good system for those who are going to use it for entertainment. Since there are some good optical drives that play both HD and Blue Ray, you can watch some nice high quality movies.

One other important aspect is that there are 8 USB ports at the back as well as 1 FireWire, 1 eSATA and there are so many more amazing features of this system which provide something for everyone.

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