The Most Useful Version of FileMaker Go Has Just Arrived


The Most Useful Version of FileMaker Go Has Just Arrived

It was a great day for me when I was able to positively review the iPad and iPhones version of FileMaker Go. I really loved everything about the FileMaker application except for a couple of things I had mentioned on my previous review. I really want a way to add or import an image quickly and easily if I was doing any type of information collection or field entry. Although you can add images using a connection kit, it would be nice if iPad could somehow incorporate a camera in the future versions. It would be a great addition for the type of people that are attracted to FileMaker. This really doesn’t take a large amount of thought for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone models. I think being able to quickly access images and photos are very important  (especially when running a business) to its special class of users. The other thing I would have really liked to see when I wrote my last review, was a way for the users to share their report information with others with FileMaker Go application. It has always been accessible to have the reports run personally but there still hasn’t been a way to let others view the information when you need to the most. These two items I had put on my wishlist of things to be done, were all added to the latest addition to FileMaker.

The Newest 1.1 Version Allows You To:

  • Use an attachment form to get photos out through emails
  • Makes files using PDF formats and send them out through emails (good for reports)
  • You can email a database to someone else and have a copy saved for yourself (people who have to work offline will appreciate this feature)
  • Turn FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Go records easily by using scripts

I was previously impressed with the first version of FileMaker, but it has been made perfect. If you have an iOS, then FileMaker Go is a great application to add to it.

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