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In this busy world, time is money. So time spent on recording and monitoring work done by others is sure a waste of time. These jobs are best done by software and automated machines. A time tracking software allows companies to record the time spent by the employees on any task done. It allows the generation of automatic invoices based on the hours the employer worked and the pay per hour and also have options of additional billing based on related costs to each client file.

There are many time tracking software in the market but the one providing a great efficiency and business solution, if not the best can be said to be by Asure Software. The time tracking software of this company integrated with labor management provides a lot of services like time and attendance, scheduling, payroll, absence management, labor analytics and the like.

There is a number of different software which the Asure Time Tracking software along with labor management offers to make the time tracking by industries easier and efficient. These include

Workforce management made easier

The Mobile Workforce management, called the GeoPunch, is an apt way to keep track of the in and out of employees. The employees can take a picture of them and then submit this to Asure via text or a Smartphone app. This will clock them in or out and eliminated the use of human resource to keep track of the entry and exit of employees. A text message delivers successful clock in/out.

Attendance will no longer require human resources

A number of companies have to work extensively on tracking of employee attendance and paid time off. With the Asure time tracking software, this becomes easier than never before. The AsureForce PTO tracking and attendance tracking software is the easiest way to allow your workforce to see their available balances, request for leave and receives approval online, view their time off requests. It also makes it easy for the management to run reports on individuals and know the status of timesheets.

Efficient and easy calculation of payroll

The Payroll interface is another amazing solution provided by Asure software to interface with any human resource or ERP system, making it easier to access new hires, employee changes, employee punches, worked time and position job information.

Online timesheets- save paper

Managing online timesheets is the best way to do something towards the betterment of the environment in addition to the benefit of less administrative work. The employees can submit timesheets, the employers are allowed access to the timesheets, tracking payrolls according to projects meted out or based on other filters along with automatic reminders to make sure that all time sheets are submitted on time.

With this wide number of services affecting the individuals and company as a whole, the software needs to be completely secure and reliable to avoid any issues. So, the ones at Asure software have selected SAVVIS Inc. as hosting partner, to ensure that their services are completely available, reliable, secure and scalable providing the industries a lovely experience.

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