Product Review: T-mobile G2x’s 1500 by LG


PRODUCT REVIEW T-mobile G2x’s 1500 by LG

Whenever you idealize any mobile phone, the desirable features should include a good outlook, a well formed processor, a camera with excellent visual results and a battery that works long periods of time. Now surprisingly, you can find all these features in the T-mobile G2x by LG. In review of its main features, the technology include a dual core Tegra 2 CPU, 8 mega pixel cameras that shoot 1080p video and 4G HSPA. It has a G2x’s 1500 mAh Lithium Ion battery, 8 gigs of internal storage, 512 Megs of RAM to run programs. Its high speed processor helps you do all your work at an extremely fast speed with minimum delays and pauses. The dual core enables the mobile to perform multiple functions at one time, for example; you can do messaging while listening to music or browse your networks while playing its multimedia. To go with its appearance, trendy designs and durable materials are incorporated in its form.

The combination of plastic and metal used in the making of this mobile has made it lighter in weight and additionally its body does not get hot even after long hours of working. The size of this mobile is compact and it is very easy to carry in the pocket, hand or bag. The overall outlook of this mobile is very elegant and the user feels pride in using it. Because of its lithium ion battery and a good processor, the mobile easily works for days even if you don’t charge it. Another advantage of this mobile is that you can do unlimited browsing and all the required sites will be displayed on your screen in no time. This mobile provides you the ability of checking and sending your mails at any of your desired time. It provides you an opportunity to establish your own business online by just doing mobile web browsing. The mobile has a 10.2 flash player that allows you to make videos with duration of up to thirty minutes.

By employing this Smartphone you can make video at any place and at any time of your choice. The T-mobile G2x’s enables you to capture all the happy moments of your life within easy access of technology. The graphics of the 8 mega pixel camera are great and it gives good results to your photographs.

Besides these additional features, the mobile also performs well in terms of its voice quality and reception. Provision of high quality calls with clear soundings on both the sides is always guaranteed. In this mobile you can enjoy all the features of GPRS like Maps, Google Navigation, You Tube, Gmail, email, Market, Gtalk, search, Voice Dialer, Voice Search and News and Weather updates. In short this mobile provides you a very good battery, quality calls, high processor, internet facility and many more. It’s all features add luxury to your life. Thereby, market analysts find it a perfect model revealing all the traits of recent technology. Its cost varies from $199 with a contract and $499 without it.

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