Samsung Continuum


Samsung Continuum

Samsung is back with its latest innovation of Smartphones. The Samsung Continuum, which is basically carried by Verizon, is the new addition to their wide array of Smartphones running on Android. People are raving about Samsung’s Galaxy S Android phones as they’re ultimately fast with Samsung’s Touch Wiz 3.0 software. Now here is a new phone that has again captured many gadget freaks out there.

The Samsung Continuum has two displays. The main screen is a 3.4” display which is vivid, sharp and colorful. This is the kind that you’ll expect from Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology which is a big factor in the rising of Samsung’s Smartphones in the market today. You might be wondering why the screen is smaller than other Smartphones that are in competition with Samsung today.  The reason is that it needs to allocate the 1.8” Super AMOLED Ticker display. This is considered as the second screen. It’s a good thing that it’s not directly adjacent to the main display as users would most probably tend to touch one display when they’re aiming for the other one.

These two displays indeed stand out from competitors but it doesn’t go without its negative comments. Since the main display is smaller than other Smartphones, if you’re browsing the web, the text becomes too small for a user to read. You need to zoom in and out to be able to read the text of the webpage.

The Ticker, which is the second display, contains the basic new texts, weather, date and time and social networking updates. You can set the Ticker to sleep as well so as not wake you up or waste battery life. Although the Ticker is an added bonus in Samsung Continuum, more and more people are getting annoyed with the social networking updates in it.  It is distracting because the Ticker will constantly displays new status messages or feed items so if you’re one of those people whose got thousands of friends in Facebook but is not really interested with their hour by hour status updates, you might want to stay away from the Ticker. But for those people who love to get information every minute of the day, the Samsung Continuum is a nice addition to your collection of gadgets.

As with other Samsung Galaxy S phone, the Samsung Continuum contains all the usual specifications and trimmings. It is considered as one of the best Android phones but not certainly in the top 10 when it comes to the speed because the phone still runs in Froyo 2.1 rather than the much optimized speed of Froyo 2.2. Although a lot of gadget freaks are waiting for Samsung to do an upgrade on this flaw, the phone still has its fair share of the market.

The phone is mainly carried by Verizon and many has applauded Verizon for making their own changes in it especially when they have change the browser setting to desktop which is previously in a mobile setting. However, the bad part is that even if this is considered a Google phone, Verizon has let Microsoft include their applications such as Bing’s Web Search and Bing Maps in it because of a business agreement. Many consumers are debating on it since the primary reason that consumers will buy a Google phone is to get Google services and applications in their phones but if they get limited applications because it’s infiltrated with other’s applications, what’s the use?

Overall, Samsung Continuum is one of those phones that should only get 3 out of 5 stars. However, if you’re not that big on what applications to use, the phone would be a great addition to your collection of gadgets.

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