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The Top 5 iPhone AppsApps have helped smartphones dominate the industry and Apple were there from the very beginning. The Apple App Store allowed users of the iPhone to download games and tools as they saw necessary, in attempt to let the iPhone buyers customise their phone for their needs. This business model was then introduced to other phone manufacturers through the Android store, and Nokia have a similar layout although some would argue their smartphone offering is not as strong. The Apple App Store still remains the most popular and here are 10 of the best Apps for your iPhone:

5 – Flixster

This App allows users to use GPS to find their local cinemas and theatres. From here you can see what films they are showing, watch trailers for the films and read reviews. There are also sections for upcoming releases of the movies and DVDs. Fun figures about box office statistics are available too and these can be shared through Facebook if you sign in through the App. This is an essential download for any movie fans.

4 – TuneIn Radio

This radio service lets you tune into stations all over the world, so there are a number of specialist music and news stations to suit anyone’s taste. It ideally needs Wi-Fi but can run off a 3G signal too which is useful if you are on the go. You can also record off the radio onto your memory for later playback. This is a must-have App for radio lovers.

3 –WhatsApp

This App acts like a chat service for other people using the App. It allows you to send text messages for free over a 3G signal so you do not need to use up any of your allowance. You can also start group conversations in a chat-room style layout, making the App very social. The best feature is that you can send photos and videos over your connection to other people for free, which has a good advantage of just texting.

2 – Facebook

There are over 700 million people on Facebook and results show that 98% of people who have a smartphone have Facebook. The App is intuitive and allows you to easy check your feed, post on people’s profiles and recent updates now allow you to view and RSVP to events. A complete App for any social media addicts amongst us.

1 – Angry Birds

Apple Birds is the essential gamers App for anyone who fancies a fun little game to pass the time. It’s very addictive and they have added a large number of levels so this App will give you plenty of entertainment. You simply need to slingshot birds into pigs hiding in demolishable structures. Sounds easy, but it can get quite tricky. A great App that is essential for any iPhone owner.

Steve is a technology enthusiast and spends way too much time on his iPhone. He pays for his App Store addiction with his card from Vanquis Bank.

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