The Cars of Silicon Valley’s Most Famous Men


Silicon Valley CEO’s are renowned for their work in the new digital age and with it has come a sizeable fortune for each and every one of them. With the fortunes that they have accumulated, one would think that they would break away from the “geek” persona by splashing out on bling, designer clothing and, of course, a flashy sports car. Unfortunately, the internet has yielded very few results when searching for “the cars of famous Silicon Valley CEO’s”, but there are a few who have mentioned what rides they roll around in.

I know what you’re thinking though, surely they must be sitting behind the wheel of Bugatti Veron’s, limited edition Ferrari’s, stylish Lamborghini’s – you’re wrong. It seems that these vehicles are only reserved for highly overrated pop stars or supercar fanatics. Why would I say such a thing? I’m sure they have the latest technology when it comes to computing, but these are the only cars I was able to find:

  • Mark Zuckerberg:

The face of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has amassed a tidy fortune since starting the supremely successful social network. He is clearly attempting to show people that money means nothing, but when you become a business icon, it’s surely time to start playing the part. Zuckerberg thinks otherwise though, which is why he rides around in… the ACURA TSX. Yes, I know you are wondering why he would choose a Toyota Corolla look-a-like and the truth is, so am I.

  • Larry Page:

Google’s bigwig has gone for the different approach. I must say, at least it doesn’t look like your grandmother’s car. One of the early investors in Tesla Motors, Page has shown his eco-friendly side by driving around in an electric sports car. It certainly has looks, but it does lack the fearsome sound of a Lamborghini ripping up the tarmac as it flies past.

  • Bill Gates:

Yes, the Microsoft billionaire probably has the flashiest of tastes from the lot. Having imported a Porsche 959 to the United States in 1987, Gates would have to wait 13 years before getting his hands on this beauty due to strict regulations. Himself and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen both imported this model, of which only 337 were produced, and then had to play a part in getting the “Show and Display” Law passed, which finally allowed them to take bring their cars home. Unfortunately, there are still severe limitations on the use of such vehicles.

Jason Acar is a car racing enthusiast. By day he is writer and has written many articles on limo hire and wedding cars.

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