Tips for Measuring Changes in Your Twitter Follower List with TweetEffect



Maintaining loyal Twitter followers isn’t always easy.  When you tweet, it is all too easy to accidentally say something that ends up damaging your credibility and causes you to lose followers.  You should be aware of what you are saying and what effect it has on your followers.

TweetEffect is a tool that was developed specifically for this purpose.  All you have to do is enter your Twitter handle into the input box and TweetEffect will tell you which tweets caused you to gain or lose followers.

The tool is not a foolproof way to identify whether a tweet is responsible for follower losses or not.  There are a few things that users should be aware of when they use the tool:

  1. It only tracks followers trends with time. TweetEffect may tell you whether or not people stopped following you when you posted a new tweet.  However, you can’t be sure that the tweet itself was actually responsible for you losing followers.  There are many reasons why people will stop following you.  If you notice that the percentage of followers you lost was particularly high after you posted a single tweet, you can bet that there is a good chance the post was responsible.  However, if you only lost a couple of followers around that time, then there may be other reasons (such as you didn’t follow them back).
  2. Be careful how these results affect your future tweets. Losing followers is never a pleasant experience, but don’t let tools such as Tweeteffect make you paranoid.  You may notice that a specific tweet caused you to lose a number of followers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you said the wrong thing.  It may be that you gathered a bunch of followers that you aren’t relevant to the theme of your account.  It happens, so just move on.  I am sure with my Medifast coupons and Nutrisystem discount site we may say a few things that could upset a few people.  That is inevitable, seeing as how everyone has their own opinion.  On the other hand, if you notice that tweeting on a specific topic causes you to lose a lot of followers, then you should take that as an indication that you may need to start filtering what you choose to say.
  3. Don’t forget to check with other analytics tools. No analytics tool is 100% accurate.  Make sure that you compare the results from Tweeteffect with others so that you can validate your findings.  Don’t start changing your behavior on Twitter based on the findings of a single tool.

Tweeteffect is a helpful tool.  You should definitely track who follows and unfollows you on Twitter and at what times.  However, you should use your own judgment before you start changing how you use the site.  You are ultimately the one who has to make decisions about how you use Twitter.  Your tools are only aids.

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