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All About the Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3


Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3

In comparison to other photo editors, you will find that the PaintShop Pro is very flexible and affordable giving it a competitive edge over other brands.

Going by the Photo Editor Review and Ratings, the last version(X2) increased the performance of the Paint Shop; Version 3 on the other hand has not brought out any new notable addition. As more features are added congestion is being felt. As the saying goes ‘too much of anything is poisonous’.

However, just like any other product the Paint Shop Pro has got its strengths and weaknesses. Some of the advantages include; it is price friendly, flexible, multi task functions, it has a learning center and videos, it is not a separate download and can be integrated, it allows for one to make changes on a batch of photos with ease and it also has a simplified user interface.

The disadvantages of the PhotoShop Pro can be summarized as; the menu appears overcrowded and congested, the interface is a combination of the old and new giving it an outdated look, the performance is slow, it has unnecessary tools, too many options and the animation shop is no longer functional.

As mentioned earlier the PhotoShop is affordable and flexible. Its flexibility can be explained by its strong features.  For instance, the PhotoShop has got very strong photo enhancement, it can draw and paint gradients. It has a blend of fun and serious tools; it has web tools that are used for image slices. These are just but to mention a few strong attributes of the Photo Shop Pro.

Due to different acquisitions, the Photo Shop Pro has undergone a number of name changes. For example, after Corel acquired Paint Shop Pro from Jasc they changed the name to Paint Shop Pro. The point was to try to make the users understand that it can also be used for more general graphics creation.

In the past, the performance of Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 has been very low. During installation, one would be faced with long periods of delayed action. However, the PaintShop Photo Pro X3 now comes with new features which are described below.

The integrated organizer is an integrated part of the program unlike in the past where it was a separate program that required downloading and installing. Though it has some few setbacks it is a good addition. Other additional features include, the Multi-Photo Adjustments, Camera RAW Lab , Smart Carver, Express lab, Object Extractor, On- Image Text editing, Color Vibrancy, Depth of field effect, Project Creator, HD video and . All this new features are aimed at rectifying the old problems and achieving improved performance.

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