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How To Get Readers Back To Your Blog Again and Again


Have you ever used Guest Posting on some big blog and then noticed a big increase to your traffic on that day? This is one of the best moments for a blogger when he/she sees their blog flourishing and achieving new targets. But after few days your traffic gets fluctuated again and you are again left with very low traffic. And this is one of the most disappointing moments for more of us. Now the question arises that why did this happen? Well, the answer is that you don’t have sticky content on your blog and that is why your visitors don’t revisit your blog. If you have a sticky blog then you can convert your one-time visitors to permanent subscribers or power visitors of your blog.

So in this article, I will share some tips that can help you create a sticky blog and thereby increasing its traffic and ultimately giving you success. Read on the few tips below.

3 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Sticky Factor

Creating Conversations – 

This is one of the best ways to increase your readership. Use the comment sections of your blog effectively. Respond to all comments of the readers and interact with your readers. Listen to voice of your readers and what they want to say. And then reply accordingly. This will not only make your readers happy but will also force them to visit your blog again and again. You can not only use your blog for this purpose but can also use blogs with high traffic and quality readers. Try to interact with other fellow bloggers and create conversations. With some patience and hard-work, you blog can turn out to be successful.

Building Relationships –

This is one of the best ways to create regular readers for your blog. Try to make relationships with other blogger using various types of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Don’t use these sites just for spamming but use them for making some connections as connections are one of most important element of your blog’s success. Try to be friendly as well as professional with your connections.

Also use your blog as a place for building relationships with your readers. As I told you above that use comment box of your blog effectively and make sure that your visitors are satisfied with your content and reactions and have a chance or fair idea of visiting your blog again.

Attract your readers and build ownership –

Would you now like to use that old PC with Windows 98, of-course the answer is no. Similarly try to create new and useful content. Don’t just focus on quantity but work on quality as well. Try to create content which is helpful for your readers and which they like or wish for. Also make your content attractive by using pictures, tables, graphs etc rather than just big text blocks. Get sensual and provide your information to your readers in a better manner. Dull and dry content is available on thousands of sites on web, so focus on quality of your blog. If your blog has good content then there are surely chances of the visitor to return back.

Also try to create ownership of your blog. Host some giveaways and freebies for your blog readers and also ask them what they expect from you and what they want to read on your blog. Write accordingly to the demand of the public.


If you adopt all the steps above then you will surely be rewarded with some quality and good amount of traffic for your blog. If you have any suggestions please use the comment box below.

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