Word Of Mouth Marketing: How To Get Great Healthcare Testimonials


Word of mouth has long been a cheap and easy form of promoting your company, and the healthcare industry especially has enjoyed that way of marketing. But as trustworthy as word of mouth is, it is fleeting. But what if your company could capture those word of mouth conversations and turn them into selling points for use time and again. Luckily, this already exists! Customer testimonials can do plenty for your business, whether you run a doctor’s office, a hospital, or a pharmacy.

Customer testimonials are the best examples of your business that you display where they’ll be the most visible, like on your website, a social media profile, or an online directory. But for healthcare professionals, gathering testimonials can seem tricky because not many patients want to publicly announce their private medical information. However, there is a delicate way to ask for testimonials that will speak volumes to your company without violating anyone’s privacy. The points below discuss just how to do that.

Timing Is Everything
Testimonials are really about timing. Ask too early and your patients will feel like there’s nothing to say, ask too late and your patients won’t feel incentivized. Therefore, the best time to ask for a testimonial is when a client has had a positive experience. Many times, customers openly express how great their visit was. When you hear things like that, ask if they’d be willing to write a testimonial. While spirits are high and positive experiences are fresh on their mind, a customer will be more inclined to write a great testimonial.

Offer Anonymity
Most companies prefer to have their testimonials paired with a customer’s full name to prove their validity. However, any healthcare business looking for testimonials should realize that most clients won’t want their full name mentioned. Offer complete anonymity with every testimonial, and ensure them that their identities will never be revealed. Making your customers feel safe and comfortable will enable them to right an honest review without feel pressured. The result will be a happy customer and a great testimonial.

Give Guidelines
Chances are that not every customer is a great writer, and writing a testimonial can be a daunting task. Make it as easy as possible for these people by creating simple guidelines for them to follow when writing their testimonials. For instance, you could ask that their testimonials include an example of your company’s excellent customer service. You can also have a guideline that keeps their writing to a minimum, so they don’t feel like they’re about to write an entire essay for the testimonial. Simple guidelines can make the process easy and quick, leaving little room for testimonials to be forgotten or overlooked.

Ask The Wronged Customers
Many businesses like to stay away from disgruntled customers when looking for testimonials out of fear that they’ll only produce negative comments. While that may be true, the testimonials can offer a unique opportunity of finding solutions to appease those disgruntled customers and turn them into loyal ones. A wronged customer that feels you have went above and beyond to correct their issues would make a stronger case for your testimonials than any other kind of customer. It will show readers your dedication to your business and your patients, a testimonial in itself.

Say Thank You
Keep in mind that no customer is obligated to write you a testimonial. Especially in the healthcare industry where many customers might feel embarrassed to share their experiences, writing a testimonial can be stressful. Therefore, make sure to thank every customer that participates with a simple thank you card, a box of chocolates, or even a free visit. Showing your appreciation will speak volumes for your company and will incentivize many more customers to write testimonials. Keeping your clients happy will cultivate long-lasting relationships and repeat business, the kind that drives your business to success.

Customer testimonials are a great way of showcasing your business through the best experiences and the most satisfied customers. They inspire confidence and trust in new patients and loyalty in longstanding ones. Most of all, customer testimonials are a relatively free and simple way to market your business. These testimonials can be showcased on a website, a blog, a pamphlet, and even social media profiles. As a matter of fact, the more places your testimonials are displayed, the more good they can do for your company.

Gathering testimonials from a variety of clients about a variety of experiences while offering complete anonymity and simple guidelines to follow will ensure optimal testimonials that can sell your business for you. Simply put, this is the new way of capturing word of mouth referrals that can be used for years to come. Before you know it, your business will have a cornucopia of testimonials that will promote your business on words alone.

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