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Hewlett-Packard better known as HP is an American multinational information technology based corporation. HP is specialized for the development and manufacture of computers, data storing devices, and communication plus network devices, HP products are always one of the best and the company has an overall good reputation due to its delivering services. Below are some of its hottest products one just has to buy.

The HP Touchpad

HP Product Buzz

The HP Touchpad is the excellent tablet that has got its fans crazy. Even apple is surprised to see the new multitasking capability of this touchpad. It is decent and quite good looking. While all the attention was on iPad the hp was off the screen. The pad has lot to offer. Having WI-FI and a screen of 9.7 inches it is expected that the machine will make a rush in the market. With a price of $499 the tablet measures almost 7.5 x 9.5 x 0.6 inches. The company has designed the tablet just like I pad but it is two times thicker. Even LCD is similar, more over the aspect ratio is also same and it is very surprising. There is 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera but sorry to say no rear facing.

HP v125w

HP Product Buzz

Next, HP v125w, is a good looking and extremely low priced USB drive for your personal use. The fact that its cheap is very important as you won’t loose much if get stolen or lost. Despite having a low cost this flash transporter comes with a good life span and a hard impact resistant casing. The dark colors attract whereas the shine denotes its smooth performance. Its outer casing is made up of metal rather than the usual plastics which makes it more resistant to impacts and increases structure life in some sense. The total capacity of thus USB is 4 GB which is quite a lot for the transfer on small things. With this portable device it is easy for you to share your files, videos and audio songs, etc.No drivers are necessary to install for this to work but incase they are required then the windows will automatically search and install them. Works well with windows xp/vista/7 and Mac 10 and beyond operating systems. The company also provides a 2 year warranty starting the day it is bought.

HP Mini 5102

HP Product Buzz

At the last but not the least HP offers a stylish and convenient netbook HP Mini 5102 with genuine windows 7 home edition as operating system already installed for you. The Mini 5102 also comes with an elective touch system, thus making it easier and fun to use. This feature also makes it a lot quicker to navigate through menus and options seen on its 10 inch screen. Weighing roughly more than 2.5 pounds the appearance is found to be striking. It is light small sized and thus easy to be carried in its carrying case. The appearance is glossy and shiny black in some places. The complete structure of 5102 is slim and easy to be used on a desk or a lap. The low RAM and Disk space may cause some people to think twice before buying this pc for the price its available. On the contrary, it’s a good deal becauseit can be upgraded a little bit more to satisfy the user.

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