Samsung Product Buzz


Samsung is very famous for its cell or rather smart phones and computers etc. Their products are always unique and bring a lot of variety for the user. In this buzz some of their well known products are mentioned below.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

Samsung Product Buzz

Samsung has introduced many fine products but let us kickoff with The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10. The thinnest tab you can put into your pocket. The tab has 10.1 inches high definition screen which is of course user friendly. The new galaxy comes with 3.0 mega pixel camera at the back side. Add to its beauty there is also 2.0 MP on the front so two lenses. It resembles the other tabs in market because all tabs are the same but the gadget is capable of handling many tasks and that makes it an ideal choice for a user. For those who love to listen music in head phones there is jack on top of tab for 3.5mm. Headphones are not awesome but still good sound and you won’t get upset.

The Galaxy S2

Samsung Product Buzz

Next is The Galaxy S2 which is very slim if one picks it up its dimensions are 125.3 by 66.1 by 8.5 mm and that means it is one of the slimmest phones to hit the market currently. When it comes to weight it is very light too. That is right; it feels good but very light to pick this marvelous piece of tech in one’s hands. It is amazing that such a useful and lush feature packed device only weighs over just 100 grams, 116 grams to be exact. Samsung has clearly traded in the premium feeling on the metal framework which may be the reason for Galaxy S2 to be this light. The battery cover can pop out and is made from fragile plastic. However, this will not be removed mostly and also it nicely fits in contoured frame. On the rear side the mesh feeling prevents hands getting hot after extensive use.

Samsung Gravity Smart SGH-T589

Samsung Product Buzz

Following these marvelous items is Samsung Gravity Smart SGH-T589 an actual android phone which has detailed internet connectivity and in case you get lost no need to worry because it is armed with free Google maps and it comes with voice. Playing and using lots of applications on this phone wont be a trouble because this machine is equipped with smart battery. At an edge mode you can prattle longer than 11 hours on this apparatus. The mobile has 5 desk themes from which one can easily change any one just by sliding your finger on screen. Not only the cell comes with a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi calling service but also provides features like GPRS, EDGE, and HSDPA. The cell can cope up with SIM networks like GSM and UMTS.

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge

In the end with a smooth sliding QWERTY-pad, Samsung launched its first ever 4G Phone with a Humming Bird’s processor and Android 2.2. The Samsung Galaxy Indulge is popular for its excellent caller voice quality and an sensitive keypad. Having a shiny black appearance with rounded edges the cell is just 5.4 ounces.  The black coating gives an edge to the appearance. Also it is resilient and not easily scratched therefore maintaining its look for a long period of time. Its cubical dimensions are 5.2 x 2.4 x 0.6.

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