iFitness HD – A New Guide in Dieting and Exercising


iFitness HD – A New Guide in Dieting and Exercising

Nowadays, the general population is always racing with time. They just have not enough time for meals, going to the gym and, sadly, living a quality life. They just go for the meals sold at fast foods and often consider mental exercise enough to burn those extra calories. With the advancement of technology, a new form of application has been developed to somehow cater even to the busiest human being his need of proper exercise and healthy food selection even when on the go.

Introducing the iFitness HD, an application for iPads and iPhones that provides a wide array of exercise regimen and different forms of dieting which can also be personalized, whatever suits to your lifestyle. The texts and colorful pictures provided are clear enough and make it interesting and enjoyable. It is easy to carry along going to the gym or during your jogging and brisk walking sessions.

With the iFitness HD app, it contains 330 individual exercises with short demo videos and explanations of what a certain exercise is about. Most of the routines are focused on strength and flexibility, although a disadvantage is that it will require you to use the gym or make use of a mat or the floor.

iFitness HD – A New Guide in Dieting and Exercising

The routines can be personalized according to your preference and just save it for future use.

Focusing on a worthwhile exercise, the iFitness HD app supplies 20 pre-programmed schedules for a variety of objectives and sports recommended for each specific objective. It also provides you a record of your routines done, repetition, time, and cycles. You can even compute your body mass index with a simple guide on how to do it.

An option to monitor of the foods you consumed in a day is also available. Then a built – in database converts the certain amount of food consumed into how many calories. That is quite a reminder for you to be watchful of your diet and how intense you need to be in your workout routine.

However, with its luxurious offer of functions, there are also plenty of shortcomings with this application. First, you need to have an iPhone or iPad in order to make use of it. Some of the routines are impractical and complicated. There are no audio outputs in the demo videos which could have been very helpful.

If you want to consider this application to be integrated into your iPad, this will still be of help. But a better and more developed app will be more useful and ideal for a virtual instructor.


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