Barnes & Noble Ereaders Review


Booksellers Barnes & Noble is also a huge seller of ebooks, and their Barnes & Noble e-readers are among the best available.  The e-readers from B&N are the Barnes and Noble Nook Reader and the Nookcolor Reader.  They’ve been lauded by prestigious gadget publications including CNET, and they’ve won awards at the Consumer Electronics Show.  In this Barnes & Noble ereaders review, we’ll tell you what’s grabbing the attention of experts and consumers alike.  Here’s a closer look.

Barnes and Noble Ereaders Review

The Barnes & Noble Nook Reader

When Barnes and Noble jumped into the e-reader game, the Amazon Kindle products had a substantial lead in technology, quality and usability.  Many people think that the Nook Reader has put the Amazon Kindle in its rear-view mirror with an ereader that is superior in several key ways.  The Nook Reader uses E Ink electronic paper technology that looks like high-quality printing on crisp, clean paper.  E ink uses millions of electronic microcapsules and acts on them with precise electromagnetic fields to create the high-resolution fonts.

The readability of the text is enhanced with high-definition 16-level gray scale.  The result of this technology is an e-reader that you can comfortably read anywhere you’d read your favorite book, including in direct sunlight.  It’s true; other e-readers share this technology with the Barnes & Noble Nook Reader.

What sets the Nook Reader apart is how easy it is to use.  The interface is logical and straightforward.  Perusing your library of stored ebooks and documents is simple and fast.  The processor is quick so there is no waiting for page turns.  If you are reading with the device in portrait and want to turn to landscape, the page moves seamlessly because of the built-in G-sensor.

Other features that must be noted in this Barnes & Noble Nook Reader review include the enabled Wi-Fi that lets you shop, purchase and download ebooks whenever you’re connected.  You’ll also enjoy the MP3 player, touchscreen navigation and the ability to sync all of your Android and smart devices so that you can read your book on all of them and maintain your place no matter which one you pick up.

Those who prefer a multimedia reader will enjoy the Barnes & Noble Nookcolor Reader.  It features an easy to navigate 7” TFT display known as the Color Touchscreen with approximately 16 million colors to create a rich, vibrant look to every page.  Resolution is a best-in-class 1024 x 600!  A second upgrade from the B&N Nook Reader is the enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities for a more robust internet experience.  You’ll enjoy reading e-magazines, blogs, periodicals and much more, as well as having the ability to peruse, purchase and download the books you want.

Change the font and size as well as adjust the backlighting of the display for a very comfortable reading experience on the B&N Nookcolor. Streamed or stored video looks fantastic on the Nookcolor media player. The 8GB or internal storage and the support for SD cards up to 32GB give you the best storage capability in its class, so load your books, photos, songs and full-length movies and head and take them with you wherever you go.


As you can see, there is a lot to like about the Barnes and Noble Ereaders.  If you want the most comfortable reading experience with decreased eye strain, choose the B&N Nook Reader.  If you want the added versatility of Wi-Fi with a touchscreen display that is still very easy to read, choose the Nookcolor.  It’s a tough choice – but you’re a winner either way!

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  1. It seems everywhere you look, someone has created an ereader. I bought the Amazon Kindle last month, and I use it when I travel to and from work. I like the fact that the display is easy to read, regardless of the lighting conditions.

    The Nook Reader also looks like a good ereader. The touchscreen is a nice feature, and the syncing with Android smartphones is great since many people are using Android phones instead of iPhones.

    The multimedia version, however, is a backlight display (according to the provided link), so there may be issues when viewing that one with a bright light shining on the display.

  2. I bought my wife the Amazon Kindle last year and although she really likes the product the one complaint she has is that the contrast seems poor in dim light. Seems okay to me but, she uses it more than I do. My mothers’ birthday is coming up and I was looking to buy her an e-reader and I have been looking to The Nook as a possibility. I like the sound of the multimedia reader, 8GB internal storage and the enhanced Wi-Fi. Your review helps, thanks

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