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Kobo has been a favorite ereader manufacturer for a few years now.  Fans love the versatility and quality Kobo offers – and now they’ve got something else to cheer about.  The Kobo has gone wireless, and the Kobo Wireless Ereader is a gem.  Now you have access to the Borders Ebook store powered by Kobo.

Kobo Ereader ReviewThe reading experience on the Kobo Ereader is incredible.  It starts with a 6” Vizplex monochrome screen. The adjustable font and size is clean and crisp.  It uses E Ink technology that reads like high-quality printing on clean white paper.  The 16-grayscale is superior to the 8-level of 4-level grayscale some e-readers offer, providing outstanding contrast.  Many readers choose an E Ink e-reader because the LCD screen on most computers produces significant eye strain and even serious headaches.  These are virtually eliminated for most users with this advanced technology.  The Kobo Ereader is a top choice for avid readers everywhere!

Other features you’ll want to know about as you search for your next e-reader include the enabled Wi-Fi that allow you to download from any hotspot.  The expandable storage capacity provides room for 10,000 books, photo albums, song and videos.  The rechargeable lithium ion battery has enough juice for 10,000 page turns before the need to recharge.  The Kobo Ereader is also very affordable, as most Kobo Ereader Review pages will point out.  Navigation to your library of stored files is easy, and the unique navigation pad offers quick perusal of your library and easy switching between screens.  The lightweight, compact design offers one-hand/no-hand reading that is comfortable and hassle-free.

If eye strain or headaches is an issue for you when it comes to LCD screens, or if you simply want the most realistic reading experience possible, give serious consideration to the Kobo Wireless Ereader.  It’s a very good choice for use at home, school, the office, or for going mobile in your pocket, purse, pack or palm!

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