5 Top Caller ID Windows Phone Apps


Hoax phone calls unwanted spam calls and marketing calls have become a growing problem and are extremely undesirable. Many people experience such calls during odd times in the day as well as during the night and have been looking for ways to prevent such calls. There are many different varieties of applications that can help evade such a problem but the perfect solution would be a good caller identification app. With the help of such an application, users would now be able to view who is calling and whether he or she would like to accept the call or not. There are a number of Caller Id Apps that are available on different platforms.

5 Top Caller ID Windows Phone Apps

Let us take a look at 5 Top Caller ID Windows Phone Apps.


This application is free to download and available on almost all popular mobile operating systems. The application has some great features, some of it being, you can view the name of the person that is calling you. Not only this, but you would also get information on the exact whereabouts of the particular number which in turn would help you identify whether it is a marketing call or a prank call. If by chance you receive a call from an unknown number and you happen to miss that call, you can simply paste the number into the Truecaller App and it would provide you with details of the number.


This application is also a very well-known Windows mobile, Caller Id app. With the help of this application, you would immediately get to know who is calling you, and would help you to prevent marketing and hoax calling. The application is also free just like most other Caller Id apps and is extremely user friendly and easy to download and install.


This is another application that is specially designed and created to trace calls and identify unknown calls. It is a very popular app among windows phones. It is extremely user friendly and allows one to locate and identify calls as well as missed calls. This application is created especially for those users who usually tend to miss out on most of their calls due to being in important meetings and events. The latest version is and is free to download directly from the Windows mobile.


This is another relevant call identification application made for Windows phones. This app not only gives you information about the location of the caller, but also provides you with details of his or her address along with the full name of the caller. It also provides you with any FTC complaints that have previously been launched against the number. The details of these FTC’s allow the user to identify whether the calls are spam calls or not. Just like all the other applications, this too is free to download.

CallClerk Caller ID

This application is another popular call identification tool available on Windows phones. This app enables its users to check who is calling and also the exact whereabouts of the caller. It is also free to download and can be done directly from the Windows market itself. It is another very easy to use caller ID application.

The applications that are mentioned above are the 5 best caller ID applications available on the Windows Mobile operating system. It completes its responsibility of informing and providing the user with the correct information of the caller. Take a closer look at each of the applications by downloading them for free, and choose the one that suits you best.

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