Toshiba Portege R700-S1330 Review


Toshiba Portege R700-S1330 Review

The Toshiba R700 is lightweight delight that comes with a polished styling and proven mussle. The forceful performance is credible for an ultraportable. But all that power in a small device has the effect of generating heat at the bottom of the machine. The fan which it uses to curtail the heat is welcome, only that it does so at the expence of noise. The disappointing keyboard is another skeleton in the armour. These unpleasant setbacks make the price tag of $1599 look excessive, then again it is.

The machine is powered by core i7 620M processor from intel that works at an impressive speed of 2670 MHz, coupled with a cache size 4GB. It also comes with an integrated HD graphics from intel. It packs an installed 4 GB DDR3 memory that can be beefed to a tidy maximum capacity of 8 GB. The ultraportable’s storage chores are taken up by a 128 GB Solid -state hard drive. The storage arsenal is bolstered further by SD/ Multimedia Card and SDHC Card. An Express Card 54 is also part of the parkage.

The machine packs a potent battery that can run the clock for an impressive six hours. That staying power is a telling contributor to the R700’s briliant score of 128 on the WorldBench Test. The device comes in a Matte LCD display with LED backlight, portraying a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. The color rendition is briliant, even though the the Portege labours to fill large black fields in movies. The horizontal viewing is noticeably good, unlike the vertical one that is nothing to write home about.

The machine uses Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition. The network connectivity is powered by 10/100/1000 ethernet and 802.11n/b/g Wi-Fi. The machine also comes ensuite three USB 2.0 ports and video interface ports; HDMI and VGA that allows seamless video performance. Toshida also throws in Bluetooth and eSATA into the spin. The audio is not that excellent, while the stereo speakers suffer in higher volume. We should not even discuss about the Bass.

The keyboard features chiclet -style keys that are annoyingly unpleasant to touch as well as being widely apart. The well -endowed trackpad is prone to accidental contact, but that is a minor problem that is unlikely to affect your work profoundly. The R700 covers a width of 12.5 inches, a depth of 8.9 inches and a modest height of 1.3 inches . It weighs a light 3 pounds, that balloons to a prime of 3.7 pounds when the machine is fully stuffed with accessories. It comes with embedded microphone and webcam, bundled with a Fingerprint Reader.

The R700 comes out as a big fish in a small pond and has its fair share of setbacks, but in the end it delivers where it matters most.

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