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A web design company knows what it takes to make a perfect website. Web Design Company has number of web designers and developers working for them.  If you are a web designer yourself, you have landed on the right page. Here is some interesting information jot down for you.

There is constant increase in new applications and websites daily. It might be tougher for you to find best ones out of ocean of websites. Some of the websites have been jot down below which can prove to be really fruitful resources for you.


This is one of the latest innovations and it is a new web browser for iOS. It helps you assemble and interpret different resources for later referencing.  It has number of tools for collaborating and sharing the resources with people in your contact list.


Solo is one of the project management applications. It has been specifically designed for freelancers. It includes project management, planning and invoicing beneath one umbrella. No other application gives you these many options.

Email Inspiration

There is a simple philosophy that email inspiration team follows. Daily they send you an inspirational e mail through which you can enhance your creativity.


If you wish to export your Tumblr content, you need to have WooThemes. This is a special application designed for you to export content and then import it to any wordPress site.


Favwork is a showcase site for designers to display their work and share their favorites. You have the option of uploading 12 images in total and you can also vote on the images of others.

Center of Attention

This is a new website which is showcasing the art work of different designers. Usually it showcases the artwork of vinyl records.


This is another place where you will find amazing stuff. It allows you to share videos and it is an aggregation site. It extracts the video content from number of sources including FaceBook and Twitter.

Type Specimen for iPad

This has specially been designed for iPad. It lets you browse fonts from different origins for your projects. It also lets you categorize and manage individual fonts and it also offers you to compare them.

Magic jQuery Plugin

This is a jQurery plug-in.  This is mostly used for layout and UI management. It is more compatible with latest iOS.

Think Unstuck

If you wish to enhance your creativity, use Think Unstuck.  This is a book compiled for enhancing your creativity and it encompasses number of ways in which you can improve your aesthetic sense. The book is available in virtual format as well.

Keep yourself updated and enjoy your career maximally!

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