5 Of The Most Interesting Tech Gadgets You Can Have For Your Home


The technology in your home is constantly evolving. While these gadgets may be far from standard in every home out there right now, they may become commonplace in the near future. Here are five of the most interesting tech gadgets that have the potential today to transform your home tomorrow:

1.) Ring Zero

If you’ve ever wanted to be a wizard or own a fairy wand, this is about as close as you can get to that in real life. Put this high-tech gadget on your index finger and you can literally gesture to turn off the lights, turn on the TV, and adjust the thermostat (as long as they are Bluetooth enabled). You can even use it to play games on your smartphone, without actually touching the device. Ring Zero will interact with just about any WiFi enabled device. If a device isn’t directly compatible with the Ring, the interface can be routed through a Hub to create compatibility. That makes getting all of your electronic devices working together a much less daunting task.

5 Of The Most Interesting Tech Gadgets You Can Have For Your Home

2.) Ecovents

Have you ever been frustrated when your favorite spot in a room seems to be either too hot or too cold compared to the rest of the place? Have you ever spent an extra hour sitting curled up on the couch because you didn’t want to go into a cold bedroom at night? This heating and cooling system lets you adjust the flow of air from your vents, one vent or one room at a time. If you own a screwdriver, you can install the vents yourself. They simply replace your current vents, so no huge overhaul of your heating and cooling system is needed. An app on your smartphone lets you work the controls.

3.) Sleep Number c2 Bed

Study after study has found that better sleep equals better physical and psychological health. Now you bed can monitor how well you’re actually sleeping with the Sleep Number c2 bed. Its “Sleep IQ” monitors will track your breathing, heart rate, and even how much you toss and turn. In the morning, it will translate all that information into tips that can help you sleep better. An even bigger benefit of this bed is that it is split down the middle so that each side can be customized. That way, your partner gets to take advantage of the same features that you do.

4.) Kwikset Kevo Home Lock

This average looking lock is actually extraordinary. This looks like any regular house lock and can be opened with a regular key, if necessary. The real key, however, is an electronic signal that’s downloaded through an app on your smartphone or via a special key fob. However, you can leave the phone in your purse or pocket and just touch a finger to the lock to open it, eliminating the need to fumble around for the key in the dark or when your hands are full. One of the coolest features about this lock is that you can temporarily assign a key to a houseguest without having to worry about getting the key back later. Additionally, the lock remotely monitors who is coming in and going out. It can even alert you when the kids get home from school if you aren’t able to be there.

5.) iPad Charging Floor Stand

Gone are the days of plugging in your electronics on a short cord to charge, making it difficult to use when charging. This charging stand makes it easy to use the iPad to play games or surf the internet in bed, watch your favorite show while working out or follow recipes in the kitchen. The iPad can charge at any angle, making it easy for you to use at any time, not matter the battery power left. You can save money on tech items like this with coupons for Hammacher Shlemmer from

Some of these may seem like small innovations, but it’s often the minor comforts of home that people end up treasuring the most. As technology evolves and these gadgets becomes more common and familiar, your home may eventually provide a sense of luxury and convenience that you never dreamed was possible.

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