Motorola Roadster Speakerphone


Motorola Roadster is one of the best Bluetooth based handsfree in the market. Integrated with Bluetooth and FM transmission, the device is capable of more than general phone functions.

Design & Features

The roadster in design is pretty much similar to its predecessor, the Motorokr T505. It even now pairs via Bluetooth and includes FM transmission mode as well. The all new roadster has an updated, lighter body, more aesthetically sound and it is also well-matched with the MotoSpeak application for Android based phones and for Blackberry as well, that allows people to text while as they speak.

The design is fairly elegant, having a power switch and a micro-USB charging slot at one side. It comes with a 12V power cable that charges the battery of the roadster. Motorola boasts the Roadster talk time to be about 20 hours and a standby time of 3 weeks. The handsfree features a power saving mode which further extends the stand by time of the device.

The controls are bifurcated into two, separated by a 2 inch speaker in between, covered by a fabric panel. The audio output is very impressive and very clear. And in the given environment of traffic and road noise, the device serves the purpose pretty well. Dual noise cancelling microphones concealed within are very sensitive. On the upper border of the gadget are 3 keys, the mute, call answer/end and voice command buttons. The buttons are very intelligent, and have a very cozy feel. The voice directive infact call up the matching handsets voice dialer more willingly, other than what Roadster has. The bottom features controls for audio output and playback. Play/pause A2DP streamed audio, minus, plus and FM, keys are also part of the phone. The FM works pretty well and by tapping it switches the audio output.

The minus and plus buttons serve as volume control buttons, but when it comes to FM tuning, they serve as tuning buttons and the transmitter speaks out loud as the frequency radio tunes in. The broadcast can be usually accessed via car radio.


The roadster comes with an A2DP audio streaming, which has great results when it comes to hands free listening to music. The quality is very good and the best part is that one can always bridge the music to transmit the audio to the car via FM transmitter. This however was specifically designed for the MotoSpeak utility provided on Android and Blackberry devices, which is as stated earlier, a text to speech handsfree texting application that reads incoming messages as they come and reply them back with specific responses. Interestingly, Android 2.2 users can even give responses as they speak which are translated into text messages.

The Motorola Roadster is a fine alternativen for its predecessor, Motorola Motorokr T505. Roadster is lighter, more appealing, and convenient to use. With that, the Roadster is well-designed, well-built to suit the required needs and it is definitely a device to check out.

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