Important Aspects Of Online SEO Training Courses


The importance of SEO training is being increasingly felt by newbies (beginners) as well as internet marketers managing successful online business nowadays. It is especially because the world of SEO is changing rapidly. Search engines are now paying close attention to a number of factors such as buzz generated in social media, bounce rate etc., before rewarding a high rank to a website. It is quite difficult for an average internet marketer to manage his online business as well as keep himself abreast with the latest changes in SEO. In a nutshell, a complete SEO training course seeks to provide all the latest information with respect to SEO and how webmasters can achieve top rankings, get additional traffic and make more sales.

SEO training is provided by online courses as well as offline through classroom coaching. A quick search in the search engines would provide you with a host of results.

Important Factors:

You need to keep the following aspects in mind while choosing such a training course:

1. What is the reputation of the experts behind the respective SEO training course? Are such experts well recognized in the field of internet marketing and SEO?

2. Do you need to make a one-time payment or a monthly fee?

3. What are the existing members commenting about the course? (You may need to visit popular forums to seek answer for the same)

4. Is the training course offering any discounts? (Popular training courses usually offer discounts during the initial days of the launch)

What Do SEO Training Courses Cover?

Advanced SEO training courses usually discuss the following aspects apart from other information such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO etc.:

1. Discussing the site structure and layout

2. Use of link networks

3. Aged domains and how to use the same

4. Creation of SEO software

5. How to mastermind with other SEO experts

Apart from the above mentioned, such training would educate you on how to go about choosing a market, researching for buyer keywords, building the website, getting traffic and eventually achieving conversions.

SEO training courses which are more on the expensive side might have software’s such as keyword research tool, squeeze page generator, premium themes etc. which are accessible only to members. Members also might get the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts during live webinars. Popular training courses have private forums where the administrator usually uploads a ton of videos, images, documents etc. as a part of the training curriculum. Members can download or view such videos/documents/images online, take action and come back to share their results. Other members including the administrator provide their feedback on both the good and not-so-good aspects.


Remember that training would prove to be effective only when you take action. Moreover, many aspects of SEO such as writing quality content, building backlinks on a regular basis etc. take a lot of effort and time if you are not looking to outsource the same.

It is also important to keep in mind that going through such SEO training courses does not guarantee success. You might consider the option of one-on-one training (which is even more expensive) offered by SEO experts to selected clients. Ultimately, you are responsible on how you utilize the knowledge and customize the same as per your business requirements.


Johan Hedin is the Managing Director of Marketing Ignite.

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