4 Street Cart Inspired Dishes For Your Next Party


There’s nothing quite like walking through downtown and having dozens of fun food chooses from the numerous food cart vendors. If you want to bring that excitement home, and enjoy some of the most famous and tasty foods for your next party, you might not realize just how easy it is. Here is a list of the top 4 food cart chooses of Americans, and how you can duplicate that iconic food at your next party.

Top 4 Food Cart Foods For Your Party

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Brats And Hotdogs

Hotdogs are one of the oldest and favored food cart favorites in the US. This is a super simple, and fun meal you can enjoy with your friends at your next party. Cook a bunch of Hotdog in a slow cooker, place them on a table next to the buns and topping. Have fun with the toping, use your imagination, things like pickle spears, hot peppers, and tomato chunks can really complement the traditional ketchup and mustard.


There is no limit to the things you can top a plate of nachos with, your imagination is the limit. Cheese is just the start, taco meat, chicken strips, beans, and don’t forget the spicy Jalapenos! Just lay everything out on the table and let your guest make their own perfect vision of the ultimate nacho plate. If you will be entertaining children consider putting out a PB&J nacho station for the kids.

Subs And Grinders

With noble beginnings in the ship yards of the east coast, subs have found their way into both the food carts and the hearts of Americans alike. This simple sandwich can have hundreds of combinations and topping, ranging from reindeer sausage to avocados. Just get a dozen cuts of meat and cheese with a few plates of vegetables, and you have everything you need for those loafs of French bread.

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Both hard shell and soft tacos can really add some fun to your fiesta. Seen on food carts and trucks from the west to the east coast, this simple food can add the finishing touch to your get to gather. Start your smorgasbord with some taco shells and several meats cooked with taco or fajita seasoning. Layout a large assortment of topping ranging from salsa to an assortment of cheeses, there’s not to many thing that can’t go well on a taco. For desert try some good Choco Taco ice cream tacos, they are a favorite with the kids.

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