Top Apps Enabling the Use of Android Phone on Your PCs


Cellphone industry has totally revolutionized with the inclusion of Smartphones and these last two years in the mobile phones realm were all about Smartphones. With the likes of Apple and search giant Google jumping into the market, the overall scenario has totally changed; users now go for feature heavy phones that can carry out multitude of tasks including sending email, capture HD videos, location based tracking, social networking and many more. We have seen Google’s Android platform taking over the market and slowly and gradually becoming the choice of tech savvy users.

Android according to a recent survey released by Nielsen is catching up fast with the industry phenomenons like Research In Motion Blackberry and Apple’s iPhone. One of the landmark things that Android has achieved is variety in the choice of the phone, means the users can choose from loads of mobile handsets being introduced into the market like Samsung, LG and HTC.

Well for many users, cellphone with large screen size and being touch enabled is a great treat as compared to the older generation of mobile phones. But sometimes people desire that their cellphone should integrate with their computer, especially when you are in a class or in an official environment and you have your laptop with you. Don’t you want to send text messages really fast from your laptop? Nokia devices (Symbian) have been supporting this feature from quite a time now but Android was lacking this feature. Below are some of the top applications basically cross platform enabled that enable users to blend their cellphone and their computer over a WiFi connection.


Droid2Desk is the first application in this regard that is pretty impressive and enables this cross platform thing with perfection. The application is written totally in Java so it is very much independent of cross platform. The application Droid2Desk will work with almost all of the Android versions from Android 2.0, and it is going to support all the phones powered by Android 2.2 and conversantly is also compatible with a standard computer.

Using Droid2Desk, users can view their awaiting notifications, can view their battery status, send or receive any number of SMS, plus using this application, users can send files either from PC to mobile or the other way around. Moreover, users can also snap pictures using their Android phone from their computer. Video feed has also been integrated but the quality does not get so smooth.

The prerequisites are that Java should be installed and a Wi-Fi connection should be up and running for the connection between PC and handset. The application is supposed to be installed on both the PC and the Android powered phone. To set it up, you need to first install the latest APK file on your PC and then transfer it. Now user has to open it, tap the screen on the service highlight to add a username and a consolidated password.

To run Droid2Desk on the PC, user will have to download and unzip the software executable file. For more advanced instruction, you can also visit the official website for a detailed help in the event of any problem.


This application is also somewhat alike to Droid2Desk; Java is needed to be pre-installed to run Texdro and it can be easily downloaded from Java website. The amazing thing about this application is that it can run on any kind of platform that houses support for Java. For a mere price tag of $2.99, the professional version allows the connection over USB or Bluetooth as well. But the free version is also pretty good with some impeding limitations. The computer can be connected to the internet through a Local Area connection but for the connection with Phone Wi-Fi is a must.

Although, it is not as supportive as Droid2Desk but it can be used to import contacts and send text messages as well. So, Texdro is for the users who want to go for a lighter version and do not want to meddle with complexities.

Well these two software programs will provide you an enhanced and a seamless connectivity between Android phones and computers.

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