Panasonic LUMIX GF1 with Interchangeable Lenses


Panasonic LUMIX GF1 with Interchangeable Lenses

Panasonic LUMIX is also called rangefinder cameras having 12 mega pixels. It is a handy camera with greater features and is above the ordinary point and shoots cameras but it does not possess the view finder lens of SLR cameras. It is lacking in its four-thirds sensor when compared with the large sensors in most of the DSLR model cameras. Even though it is handy model, its size is larger than compact cameras.

David, Sr. Product Manager, Panasonic Company has stated that this model of LUMIX GF1 is the development of the earlier G series LUMIX cameras and its small size is adaptable and flexible for carrying. This will serve as the better option for point-shoot users who wants to improve the digital experience or this will serve for the consumers who want high quality with greater performance.

Interchangeable Lenses

In this model, you can choose either long telephoto lens or standard compact lens according to the subjects of shooting.

As already said, this LUMIX GF1 model comes with four-third lens with compact lens in it. The lens is almost 40 mm in length fitted on 35mm SLR making it comfortable and offering excellent view of the subjects. This is completely different from the normal SLR which has big zoom lens which provides medium ranged image.

Easy to use Features in LUMIX

Panasonic GF1 LUMIX is ideal for a photographer who is new to the field owing to its intelligent auto feature through which he can shoot moving or still images without much skill. This mode enables auto adjustment in all aspects of shooting a picture.

If you are shooting a motion picture or video then OIS technology decreases the blurring of the image due to unnoticed hand-shake while focusing. Similarly, face detection feature will perceive a face inside the frame and make adjustments with regard to contrast, skin complexion and exposure to suit the subject. The automatic feature also adjusts the light level to avoid shadows in picture.

If you are taking a still picture, intelligence auto feature recognizes up to 6 faces.

View Finder is not present

LUMIC GF1 do not have view any type of view finder in it. Normally, view finders help the photographers in avoiding camera shaking in dim light situations. Instead Panasonic offers an accessory to clip on the top portion of the camera. Some users find this accessory as unnecessary element devoid of which the camera easily slides into your pocket.

Availability and Price Factor

The Panasonic GF1 LUMIX DMC and its accessories will be hitting the roads in the month of October 2009 along with two kits for 899 U.S. dollars. You can either select pancake type lens or mega OIS lens.

The live view finder accessory can be purchased for $ 199.95 and its lens adapters for $249.95 only.

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