Battery & Screen Pro – An Ideal App for your iPhone and iPad


Battery & Screen Pro – An Ideal App for your iPhone and iPadAn ideal application for the iPad and iPhone users is Battery & Screen. It offers one time solution for all your battery needs. If you are the type of person who does not bother about recharging the battery of your iPhone and if you are the person who just don’t care or bother about protecting the battery of your phone then this article is not meant for you.

Most commonly users of iPad or iPhone devices extract maximum usage from their instruments and hence maintaining the battery in good condition becomes all the more essential for them. This app provides the users with useful tips for extending battery life. This app is apt for you if you want to know whether you are running short of battery on viewing the screen. This app prevents you from running to the nearest Apple dealer for changing your battery even if its life is still running on.

This app is worth buying for various reasons. The basic reason why this app is hitting the sales in the market obviously speaks of its worth. Other apps have sincerely made attempts to find out the reason for the sales of Battery & Screen and have openly admitted the functions of this small app.

Basically this app provides solution and tips for extending your iPhone’s battery life. It offers guidance for simple but effective usage of the battery. And that is not the only function this app does. It tries to involve into the problem and execute solutions even inside the device of iPad for the matters not related to operator errors also.

For instance, very often your iPhone functions on the full charge mode even it is not required. This application calculates the need of your phone scientifically involving three step processes. For executing each step the app is in built to control the operations. Once you have started using ‘Charge Pro’ you will soon find out your battery runs 100 percent each time.

The battery meter located on the right top corner of the phone will never tell you if the battery is going to run out of charge. It never indicates exactly for how many hours or minutes the phone will be functioning with full charge. To avoid this situation, you can buy Battery Pro, which tells accurately what will be exact charge required for your usage. It details about the running time of your battery for enabling you to talk on google or chat with friends or surf the internet or hearing to your favorite song or watching movies.

Apart from this the app provides real useful tips for maintaining the battery of your iPad. You have to follow them and judge your usage and make necessary adjustments.

Again if you are the type of person who just don’t care about the situation of running down of charge then this app is not right for you. This app is the best choice for those who wish to bother and worry about effective maintenance of their iPhone device and its battery.

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