Facebook: Face of the masses!


facebook- Face of the masses

Facebook is no more that it was thought it will be. What once started out as a mini comparison platform is now one of the biggest and probably best social networking platforms today and close to every alternate person has a facebook id. More and more people are buying facebook fans and buying Targetted facebook fans for their facebook business pages. Traffic from facebook has become a topic of hot discussion in maximum of the companies that deal with internet marketing and social media advertising. More and more corporates are also looking at facebook for drawing traffic to their website and close to every company now has their own facebook page, be it huge telecom giant’s like Vodafone and 3 or even small chocolate companies, wine farms and the like.

It may surprise a lot of people to know that facebook was anunthought-of platform and the self-madebillionaire that Mark Zuckerberg is, would never have been possible, had it not been for a prank that went, well, terribly wrong and right! It is said that Mark and a few of his friends, as students of Harvard university, stole the pictures of students of the university from the university database and then sat in their dorm room and put up all these pictures on a self-created portal called “thefacebook”. This portal was nothing compared to what facebook is today and basically did nothing except allow a user to see two photographs of Harvard students and then vote for the ‘hotter’ person. The access to this comparison site was granted to Harvard students only and there were never any options of facebook pages or buying facebook fans or such and such options were probably never even thought of!

When Harvard administration found out about this, they pressed charges against Mark Zuckerberg and his friends and were about to expel them, but charges were later dropped and because of the popularity of “thefacebook”. Mark modified his project to become a networking site for students of Harvard University and re-christened the project as “facebook”. This was the humble beginning of the multi-billion dollar enterprise that now employs millions around the world, and is of course, open to public! There are now, more than 700 million users on facebook, and the number is growing by the day. More and more companies are looking at ways to buy facebook fans and buy targeted facebook fan for their facebook business page, so that they have an easy way to advertise their product and / or service to facebook users and also gain as much word of mouth publicity, as possible!

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