HTC Thunderbolt


HTC Thunderbolt

In the year 2010, The HTC EVO 4G have made a huge success in the Smartphones market and this giant leap made by the company inspired them to bang up this year with the latest version of the HTC Thunderbolt. The key features that augment its hype are the large display screen with excellent video quality, tremendous fast speed 4 G LTE and smart design. Apparently, its short span of battery life and single core CPU are considered to be somewhat its less delighted features.

Verizon’s Smartphones are known for their incredible networking services. When its quality combined with the fastest form of 4G LTE, the only available option in the hi-tech market comes out to in the form of the HTC Thunderbolt. Its HSPA along with a 4G network of browsing and uploading speeds has even surpassed the previously considered Smartphones which are known to be the WiMAX and T-Mobiles. Adding on, this Smartphone displays a single core 1GHz CPU of Snapdragon, a 32 gig microSD, excellent RAM, and a distinct 8 megapixel shooter. All these features along with the video chat camera at its front are now being considered to be four to eight times higher in popularity and rank than the other known AT&T’s cell phones.

The design of Thunderbolt follows the standard forms of HTC phones so there are no questions with regards to its feel and look. The outer casing of the phone is made of matte plastic which seems like a polished metal but feels light when handled. The buttons and controls are also positioned in a way to fulfill the excellence of its overall form. The power button, head phone jack up and volume controls are on its top part whereas the micro USB port and syncing port are found on the lower left side. Moving on, the kickstand furnishes its completion, although the syncing port and USB port cannot be used when the kickstand is deployed. Along with the 4.3 display, the cell phone is an extremely right choice for multimedia players with positioned kickstand.

With regards to its interior, the Thunderbolt comes up with a 768 megs of RAM, 8 gigs of internal storage space, 2.4 gigs space available as free ROM, 32 gig size microSD slot and 1 GHZ single core CPU from Android. Though the features are among the strongest from all current Smartphones in the market, even then there remains some space for dual core CPU which is the only thing that it lacks. However, its real beauty is in its 4G LTE speed. This is the field where it overshadows all the other phones in today’s current technology. It offers a download speed of 8 to 15 Mbps and is suitable with a hi-tech Wi-Fi. Precisely, Thunderbolt is one of the most highly ranked cell phones in the current market unless Verizon comes up with another 4G wonder. But as it is said nothing is perfect, its short battery life on 4G and single core CPU are the two weak points that if counteracted can make this Smartphone the most affluent one among its niche.

With reviewing its cost, the Thunderbolt certainly charges a bit extra as compared to others. With a contract of 2 years it will cost you $249. But even then you will be extremely happy as the money spent wouldn’t hurt as much once you got your ultra slim, ultra smart hi tech cell phone in your hands.

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