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iPhone Cash IQ ReviewiPhone was destined to be more than a simple cell phone that was evident when it emerged in the market a few years back. Looks like Steve Jobs poured every last ounce of his creative genius into it and the result is device which not only came as a saving grace for apple but also became a worldwide phenomenon.

Currently iPhone has transcended to a level where it has become a bench mark for all the new cell phones making an appearance in the market. iPhone has a plethora of applications developed for its platform exclusively which include games also. One such game which recently caught my attention is Cash IQ.

Cash IQ is one of many iPhone Brainteasers. It is developed by American Express in partnership with game developers called fishlabs. Apparently the game is aimed towards iPhone users to promulgate American Express’s platinum cash back credit card offering. Cash IQ is free to download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is readily available from Apple App Store.
iPhone Cash IQ Review
Cash IQ is not a mere point and click game; rather it is comprised of a suite of 4 very well thought out and well made, addictive brain teasing games. Unlike the norm with most games where quick point and click reflexes suffice, this game actually requires a lot more frontal lobe activity. The developers have added more pizzazz to the game by introducing three different game modes which keep things fresh and the players indulged.

Beat the Bank

The first game of the suite is called beat the bank. This game is totally dependent on how sharp a memory the player possesses and how good he or she is with running numbers in their mind. The game begins with various denomination coins being dropped from the top of the screen inside a piggybank. This will go on for a few seconds and at the end of the round an input device similar to a calculator will materialize, the player has to quickly key in the amount that he or she thinks has accumulated inside the piggy bank.

Check your Balance

Contrary to what the name of the game applies (checking balance amount in your bank account) the meaning is quite literal. In this game, the player has to do a balancing act on a moving seesaw by placing various bags on both the ends. The objective of the game is to perfectly balance both the sides when the seesaw finally stops, if both the sides aren’t balanced, its game over. The bags represent various items such as groceries and clothing.

Shopping List

iPhone Cash IQ ReviewThis game makes beat the bank pale in comparison when it comes to memorizing and recalling stuff. It’s a classic test to see how good a memory you possess. Various items such as tricycle, gaming consoles, stuffed toys and plasma screen television are placed on a conveyor belt and moving at a steady pace. Once all items have passed on, a display containing all the items will appear, and here, the keen memory recalling skills come into play. The player has to quickly tap and select each item in the order it passed on the conveyor belt.

Flip and Pin

In this game, the player flips around different shaped titles and attempt to fit them over a highlighted gird area. With progression of the game, the difficulty level also increases and the shapes become bigger and more intricate with restricted numeral of pins to hold them in place.

Cash IQ game is also playable against other players at a worldwide level and scores are kept via Facebook with a regular leader board depicting the current status of players.

In a nutshell, the game has got all the essential features to sharpen your memory and it is free to download for the users of iDevices.

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  1. I personally think that Cash IQ shud get full marks for the kind of game it is. U can be anywhere but when u play the game u are simply lost.

  2. Uuummmmmmm.. certainly that can happen if u like playing mobile games all the time. Cash IQ can make u lost in da crowd bcos u don’t want 2 move ur eyes off.

  3. I’ve been playing this game for so many weeks now I m waiting for the next version 2 cum up so that I can enjoy some new levels and new excitement on my iphone.

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