HTC Arrive


HTC Arrive

With the influx of smart phones today, have you ever wondered which of these phones were first introduced in the United States? Yes, you guessed it right. It is the HTC Arrive of the CDMA Windows 7 Phone family. Since the emergence of this wonder phone, it has created a ripple in the smart phone market and it continues to do so to this very day. Due to its relative newness in the market, the naysayers never really considered the HTC Arrive to become a major player in the saturated mobile phone industry, but, fortunately, it exceeded all expectations by being able to capture a market of its own.

There are many things which endear the HTC Arrive to its growing base of satisfied users. Like the many other smart phones using the Windows platform, the mobile phone is one of those revolutionized QWERTY phones with a different touch. Composing a message, surfing the internet and other similar activities are a lot easier to do because it is equipped with a keyboard in which the keys are dispersed in a span of five rows. If you are the type who likes to punch in numbers and other figures on your mobile phone, the HTC Arrive will be a best fit for you because unlike the other QWERTY phones, it has a separate row of keys which is dedicated solely for numbers.

In addition to the superb QWERTY keys, it has other equally appealing features which have really captured the fancy of the most discriminating mobile user. First, it is unbelievably convenient to navigate.  You do not even have to read the user’s manual to be able to utilize the features of the HTC Arrive. It can be use with a lot of ease.  Second, its design and overall look is quite appealing. It is such a beautiful piece of equipment to have. Finally, the HTC Arrive has been linked with Zune music and the favorite of most youngsters, XBOX Live. Indeed, with all these value-adding features, it has become a force to reckon with in the mobile phone industry.

However, with all these incredible features of the HTC Arrive, this is not to say that it is without imperfections. If much has been said to the acclaim of this HTC phone, there are also a few feedbacks on how this gadget may be improved. First, the specifications of the phone are quite standard. You will not see any specs which are different from the other smart phones. It uses the traditional 3.6” LCD but it does not produce the sharpness and brightness that the other mobile phones create. Second, it appears that software updates are not being regularly made unlike the iPhone which is constantly updated.

From an analysis of the pros and cons of the HTC Arrive, it is still safe to conclude that this phone will be able to give you that amazing mobile phone experience. When you have that opportunity, you should get an HTC Arrive for yourself.

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