Samsung Epix


Samsung Epix

In an arena where constant innovation is key, Samsung truly makes the most of every opportunity to come up with top-of-the-line products. Where other mobile manufacturers have failed miserably, Samsung continues to amaze the smart phone universe with its remarkable smart phones. That said, the rate at which Samsung comes up with brand new devices, it is not surprising if it has eaten a big share of the mobile phones market. This is the main strength of most Samsung devices in the market today. And this is quite evident in its latest offering to the entire mobile phone users’ community- the Samsung Epix.

There are a good number of solid features which makes the Samsung Epix such an appealing device to many mobile phone users. In fact, these same qualities have endeared the Epix to its fanatics. First, it is conveniently easy to navigate the Samsung Epix. With its highly-resistive touch screen coupled with a visual mouse, certainly, the Epix is sufficient to whet the most discriminating mobile user’s appetite. Second, this wonderful gadget is also one of those smart phones which uses the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. In addition, the Epix is also perfect for those who crave for that constant connectivity as it is WiFi, Bluetooth, HSPDA and GPS enabled. With this unbridled connectivity, you never have to worry of losing touch with the rest of the internet universe wherever you may be.

While there may be plenty of positive comments about the Epix, certain criticisms are also there. The first of which is that typing using the current keyboard can be challenging. The keys are generally rigid. Second, unlike some other smart phones which may be used as an alternative modem for your computer, unfortunately, such is not possible with the Samsung Epix. And finally, it does not have a port for the standard head phone jack.

Based on the foregoing comparison between the pros and cons of the Samsung Epix, a reasonable mind will be able to arrive at a conclusion that the Epix should belong at the top of the list of smart phones that every mobile phone aficionado must have. There are so many things to like about this wonder device. Its highly-resistive touch screen is such a beauty you will love to marvel at. For those who are always on the go and have an insatiable need to connect to the internet, the Epix is also WiFi ready and will instantaneously connect to the nearest network. Moreover, the processing of related commands has radically improved with as it is equipped with a very powerful Central Processing Unit. To complement these amazing features, the Epix has a relatively longer battery life span which ensures your uninterrupted smart phone experience. When a smart phone like the Samsung Epix basically has everything that every mobile user will need, what more can you do, except to buy such device. If you want functionality and utility in one mobile phone, then, the Samsung Epix is the perfect gadget for you.

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