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One of the most hilarious and fun-filled quizzing games ever played has got to be The Moron Test. The PC/MAC version of the game has been around for a while, and its latest 2.944 version for Android phones that run on 1.6 OS or higher was last updated just this 18th of June, 2011. This 15 MB great game developed by DistinctDev, Inc. is playable on all Android versions and supports App2SD, and available for download for only $0.99.

As it name implies, The Moron Test is a quiz that consists of an array of easy trick questions about colors, forms and numbers. The questions often come off as incredibly simple at first, although a number of questions later, each player will most likely fail eventually and is bound to slowly question just how smart he really is. Once a player fails, however, he will have to start all over again, and the points he garners from answering all the previously answered questions will rank him in one of the seven levels that range from Moron to Genius.

Neither microphone nor headset is required to play the game, and a simple tapping on the screen to select and input answers does the trick. There are lots of fun characters players will get to choose from, and numerous of questions types to answer. There are four sections which are namely the Old School, Late Registration, Winter Break and Food Fight. These sections feature over 500 steps in total, and the developers are promising even more sections and steps to come in future updates. Each section at present includes its own set of continue buttons and checkpoints as added features of the game.

The latest update has brought about several follow-ups to users’ feedbacks and to date, several game bugs have already been fixed and tablet support for XOOM has now been enabled. 800×400 and 1280×800 resolutions for the Tablet resolution support and a 320×240 resolution for the LDPI resolution support has also been a recently added feature.

The Moron Test indeed is an incredibly simplistic game. And yet it’s fun and entertaining, even with only one free level available. This gaming application is surely one that’s good for laughs with family and friends and is more enjoyable when played with a crowd that is game enough to take turns in answering the various questions listed. Global leaderboards are also available, and achievements can even be shared through Facebook if the player wishes to do so. With its Facebook support now improved and better-running, what easier way to share and flaunt your level ranking is there than through posting it on Facebook?

While the majority would agree on the game not being anything special nor having overly great features that sets it apart from all the rest, it’s a sure way to keep the smiles on your faces especially during the many times when you find yourself with nothing to do. This is definitely one of the most fun and interactive gaming applications you should make sure you don’t miss out on installing on your Android phone.

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