Less Than $400, HP Mini 1103


Less Than $400, HP Mini 1103

HP Mini 1103 is simple but still an excellent and affordable plan if you are looking for a decent laptop with a good battery life and other features. For starters, some people might consider it just for the fact that it is pretty much affordable, while others might just think of its soft and gentle keyboard. Also components like Bluetooth, which is unlikely to be present in any low-priced laptop, is also a big pull factor.

With windows 7 as an already installed operating system mini 1103 also packs in a 250 GB of 7,200rpm Hard-Disk and a powerful Intel Atom N455 processor, specific to 1.66GHz. The whole thing weighs roughly around 2.8 pounds without the adapter and has Intel GNA 3150 graphics. Its comfy yet strong black keyboard makes it possible for the user to write fast and the board also has some important buttons like volume, brightness, etc. Adding to that its screen opening up to 180 degrees simply makes it look unique. The screen itself is 10.1 inches diagonally and 10.6 x 7.5 gives us the dimensions of the whole. Despite having a combined jack for headphone and microphone Mini 1103 has VGA video web camera and 3 USB 2.0 ports. Plus a Micro SD memory card reader makes it handier. Its single core CPU manages to perform simple tasks very efficiently by sometimes utilizing its 1 GB RAM. Simple tasks also include browsing, downloading, etc and while considering networking, its also convenient to write that other than Bluetooth the Laptop provides Ethernet and Wi-Fi for easier connectivity. The LAN port is on the right side while facing the screen.

The black shiny design may sound great but is pretty controversial. The idea is supported by the fact that the design would have been better if click-pad was used rather than using a multi-touch pad. The brightness is another factor contributing to the negativity of this laptop. According to some of its users the HP Mini 1103 does not provide as good quality of light intensity as other HP models do. Located at the bottom end of the casing are built-in stereo speakers which also provide not so good sound quality, at least not as good as the music lovers might like or to a standard that a good movie deserves. There are no special favours for gamers either as there are no devoted game-graphic cards in the system. While the system may work fast for internet browsing, it may not handle many flash applications very well specially games. The streaming, depending of resolution, may also be jerky and thus the whole fun of streaming will turn into annoyance. There are very little customization options and the user might not find any difference from other older laptops that he had operated in the past. The overall system does not have HDMI which is also another drawback for the user.

To make it clear and simple, it might lack in, a few but necessary, features but is perfect for a little of both professional and home use because it stands in the middle of the usual two types of Laptops that HP provides namely the consumer intended and professional/business. Also its price makes up for the qualities the system lacks in.

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