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Sony Ericsson gave word on an upcoming product offering at the Mobile World Congress event, which certainly made a lot of heads turn. It released the Satio which easily caught the attention of many consumers. First named the Idou, this phone aims to steer clear of the common perceptions brought about by earlier models, such as the Walkman or Cybershot. It is projected to become one of the most comprehensive smartphones ever manufactured, with a focus on the world of multimedia. This emphasis is clear, with the phone’s 12.1-megapixel camera and 3.5-inch touchscreen display.

While not compact, the dimensions are pretty decent: 112x55mm with thickness at only 13mm when closed. These change as soon as the camera lens is shown from the structure, making the top half seem bulkier. Surprisingly, the phone is lightweight for its size, weighing at just 126g. This won’t cause the extra burden when carrying in your pocket or bag. Brushed metal and top-quality plastic is utilized for the housing, rendering it a more sophisticated that can be similar to the company’s line of digital cameras.

The incredibly responsive buttons are constructed from hard plastic. There are three on the front area dedicated to answering and ending a call, as well as accessing the main menu. An on/off switch is located at the top portion, while buttons to toggle the camera functions including zooming and playing files, are at the side. A button for locking and unlocking the screen is also found at the right side.

There are also slots for the memory card, an audio jack for earphones and one for the charger. There is a metal sliding contraption at the back, which covers the integrated camera and flash. It also avoids any smudges and fingerprint marks that is one letdown with a lot of its competitors.

While its size is rather big in comparison to other phones in the same range, the Satio maintains its sleek and sophisticated look with a smooth finish and its curved edges. This model looks and feels sturdy, while remaining lightweight.

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